It comes down to the quality of the design and the build. What you will typically find with electric standing desks is there is a certain amount of give and take. It is a precut wrench made to fix the hex rod perfectly. Because a hex rod is used, the female portion of the gear must align perfect to the male hex rod. When we first tested the Jarvis Desk, with only the weight of the desktop, it averaged 1.32” per second. 12 Reasons to Avoid Standing Desks Under $400. Required fields are marked *. They tend to move at around the same rate, with only a small performance drop off around max capacity. While dual motor desks might be able to evenly displace the weight of a desk amongst each motor, they tend to be less powerful than a larger single motor. This creates a system that requires less effort to move the desk, which in turn, improves the lifespan of the motor and gears. When it comes to standing desks, quality isn’t necessarily tied to the material itself, although that plays a part as well. ... A2 Single Motor Sit/Stand Desk w/ Wood 30"x60" Top Conversion. Your email address will not be published. Other dual motor desks, like the Uplift Desk, will feature slower speeds around 1.33” per second. Understanding if a single motor or dual motor standing desk is better isn’t a simple question to answer. Fitness 403052 null null $ 374 99 $374.99. With a minimal load, the desk was able to move at 1.25” per second. Pricing on the Learning Center is for reference only. We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. Because it can happen, we have to address the problem and how would you go about fixing it. Not all dual motor systems provide fast speeds or large load capacities. Single Motor vs. Dual Motor Standing Desks: Which is better? Knowing the difference can save you a lot of money over time. VertDesk v3 features a single motor system. 11 May 2018 You’ve likely heard the saying that it’s more about quality than quantity. Inserting the hex rod into the first leg is typically easy, but the second leg is where users can run into a snag. The A6's dual motors provide enough power to support up to 265 lbs on your desk, and provide a smooth, quiet transition as you raise or lower your desk. BIG difference between our single and dual motors. The Jarvis Desk also comes with a dual motor system, powered by Shenzhen Weizhen Motor Co., LTD. For the sake of office teams looking for a dependable “heavy duty” desk, the 3-stage dual motor and 2-stage dual motor desk will win out every time. Understanding if a single motor or dual motor standing desk is better isn’t a simple question to answer. We have tested products like the IKEA Bekant that used dual Bosch motors and they were severely inconsistent. Your email address will not be published. If they do not, you can find yourself fidgeting to get these parts aligned. The funny thing about it was that it had no issues lifting 242 lbs. I also worry about how well they will hold up over time. Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk. Typically, a single motor standing desk is best suited to sustain up to 220lbs of weight or less. The most common way of doing this is inside a rectangular motor box that you find at the top of the columns. We put 350 lbs on the desk and we were still able to average 1.27” per second. The higher the quality of the motor, the less likely it will be to fail. So, when is a single desk preferred to a dual motor desk? Motors with wider ranges of adjustment speeds, through varying load testing, won’t provide a consistent experience. The single motor cites a slightly shorter supported length, but I don't see any other significant differences. This fact is in large part due to the unequal distribution of overhead weight pressing down on the single motor edition. There are plenty of lower quality motors being manufactured for low cost electric standing desks. , and a Single Motor option. When it comes to standing desks, quality isn’t necessarily tied to the material itself, although that plays a part as well. Dual motor has a higher weight capacity and the frame is usually more robust with parallel supports vs just a square tube. Regular Price $89.99 Special Price $49.99. While some dual motor desks outperform single motors, this isn’t the case across the board. How reliable a motor is likely comes down to the quality of the motor itself. Please call our sales department for the most accurate pricing. All rights reserved. This makes it easier for manufacturers to use a larger motor. Of course this will also tie into you budget, which is the ultimate influencer of all. It doesn’t take much to get them to slide into place. These motors give you optimal adjustment speeds and load capacities. If one of the two motors dies, the desk will only go up on one side. Concept Seating 3142 vs 3150HR: Which 24 Hour Chair is Best? Most high quality dual motor setups will outperform single motor alternatives. This is the strongest of the all single motor systems we’ve tested to date. That is also true with motors used in standing desks. , we typically only offer dual motor standing desks in both 2-stage and 3-stage variants. Why? The Uplift 900 vs. When we tested that desk it had a max capacity of 154 lbs. ... Standard Dual Monitor Mount, Oversized for 2 LED/LCD Computer Monitors Up to 32" Rating: 98%. It’s the stand-up desk variant best suited for extended periods of abuse. Some brands have attempted to say that two motors are more reliable than one. A Dual motor standing desk is commonly referred to by many vendors as the core model, or office ‘standard’. When a desk only drops from .1” to .3” per second, it is a good sign for consistency. The answer...never. These will almost always come with a higher price tag too. This was one of the most odd dual motor desks we have tested. 3 Reviews. A: Stand Up Desk Store desks single-motor frames can support up to 154 pounds, while dual and triple-motor models can support up to 220 lbs. When we loaded it to max capacity of 275 lbs, the speed dropped slightly to 1.35” per second. Because the hex rod is generally off by only a small amount, we recommend using an adjustable wrench to slightly turn/twist the rod. Dual motor desks have their motors internalized and accessing the motors can be more difficult. These include over greased worm drives and gears and/or exposed worm drives and gears. So there you have it: if you don’t enjoy assembling furniture, your best bet is to go with a dual motor standing desk and save yourself the hassle. Which motor setup is best for you will come down to your specific adjustment speed and load capacity requirements. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 VS. It averaged 2.09” per second. Here at EasyErgo, we typically only offer dual motor standing desks in both 2-stage and 3-stage variants. When we review any electric standing desk, we always check to see how fast a desk moves and the amount of weight it can lift. Because they wanted a fast adjustment speed, the closer you get to the max capacity, the slower the desk will move. And when you are investing in dozens or even hundreds of adjustable height desks for the team, you want your investment to last as long as possible. A dual motor standing desk ’s motors are somewhat hidden within rectangular boxes located above each leg column, while the motor or motor cover in a single motor sticks out. If the desk is still under warranty, the manufacturer will likely opt to send a replacement leg with the motor preassembled. Common sense dictates that power is the main difference between the single motor and dual motor standing desk. Fitness 403025 null null $ 378 99 $378.99. You can choose between 5 different colors for the working platform, we really liked the “Reclaimed wood.” The manufacturers added a stability crossbar, especially useful if you’ll be using the higher settings. While we wouldn’t recommend using a desk beyond the recommended load capacity, these types of consistent dual motor desks are probably best suited for it. Greg Knighton How Stable Are The Most Popular Standing Desks? Most dual motor variants happen to be 3-stage, which simply means overhead weight is further supported by additional leg column (3 telescopic leg sections). What I mean by this is that desks like the dual motor Autonomous Business Edition have a fast adjustment speed. Fully Jarvis Desk: Which is better? When you look at the major design differences from most single motor vs. dual motors, the first thing that stands out is the motor itself. Of course this doesn’t mean that all two motor systems operate like the Bekant product. This will provide a more finished look than the exposed single motor design. Just because a manufacturer lists these specs, doesn’t mean they are always accurate. Rating: 96%. The VertDesk v3 has an overload protection system that shuts off the desk when it lifts more than 275lbs. Single motor desk designs always have a motor or a motor cover that is visible.

standing desk dual motor vs single motor

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