Swirl to dissolve the KHP completely. 2) Carefully weigh four samples of pure KHP of ~ 0.5 g KHP (to the nearest 0.0001 mg) and place them in well-labeled 125 mL Erlenmeyer flasks. Part 2: Standardization of NaOH solution. figs is adequate) What mass (in grams) of "KHP" should be used for the standardization of a NaOH solution that is approximately 0.14 M NaOH if the volume of NaOH titrant used is to be about 45 mL? On the report sheet, record the initial reading of the NaOH solution in the buret to the nearest (Approximate calculation - 2 sig. Calculate the number of moles of NaOH required to neutralize this amount of KHP. You will determine the concentration (standardize) of an unknown solution of NaOH using the primary standard, potassium hydrogen phthalate. Introduction The titration reaction of KHP with NaOH is as follows: If the molarity of the NaOH was 0.0625M, this is what must be used in the calculations. Add 2 drops of phenolphthalein indicator. Click n=CV button below NaOH in the output frame, enter volume of the solution used, read solution concentration. 3. PART II: Standardization of an Unknown NaOH Solution . You cannot then use this concentration of NaOH to estimate the percentage composition of the same KHP. Store in a plastic bottle with a screw-top cap to minimize exposure to air. EXPERIMENT 7: ACID-BASE TITRATION: STANDARDIZATION 89 figs is adequate) Standardization of a NaOH Solution with Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (KHP) Objective. Standardization of NaOH using KHP experiment Chem 60 Experiment 10 Part 1: Standardization of NaOH Solution Standardization of a NaOH solution Introduction, Procedure and Calculations Standardisation of NaOH solution Animation Titration: Preparation and Standardization of 1M Page 3/12. 1) Using the stock NaOH solution (caution!) Calculate the number of moles of KHP in 25.00mL of standard solution. You will be using the buret calibrated in Part 1 of this exercise and the data provided in Table 2 report the standardized concentration of the NaOH solution. (note, KHP is a monoprotic acid; show all equations to explain) (2 marks) 3. If 32.55 mL of NaOH titrant is required to reach the endpoint, what is the exact molarity of the HCl solution? (Approximate calculation - 2 sig. 1. Read Book Preparation Stardization Of Naoh Solution In this experiment, standardization of a NaOH solution will be carried out either using KHP as the primary standard or by using a standard HCl solution of known concentration. NaOH Preparation & Standardization. (1 mark) 2. The NaOH solution is standardized using the titration of a primary standard of KHP (Figure 2). At your bench add about 50 ml of distilled water to KHP sample #1. 2. Enter KHP mass in the upper (input) frame in the appropriate mass edit field. Download sodium hydroxide standardization against solid KHP reaction file, open it with the free trial version of the stoichiometry calculator. ... + NaOH + H 2 O KHP (MM = 204.2 g/mol) Equation 4 . D. STANDARDIZATION OF THE NaOH SOLUTION 1. prepare one liter of ~0.10 M solution by dilution.

standardization of naoh with khp calculations

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