I experienced the failure of this teaching first hand when I came to Australia. The world has changed but Sri Lankan teaching has not even thought about change. Let’s look at an example from the Sinhala language. English is always associated with high-class rich people. Did you go to a Sinhala class? Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you want to learn proper English please keep away from local content. If you start learning English in the past and gave up this is also due to not having a satisfactory review system. If you feel frustrated because you can’t speak proper English or nowhere to learn spoken English in Sinhala and feeling like you are going nowhere in life, You are not alone. For now, trust me, I was in your state once. I am from a lower-middle-class family in Sri Lanka. * You can learn spoken English in just a few hours. in Sinhala, spoken definition, examples and pronunciation There you go. Just like you, I used to go to English classes for almost all my life because most of these classes were run by retired government school teachers and these classrooms were dirty, hot and overcrowded. What spoken means in Sinhala, spoken meaning This is the number one reason why I was able to improve my spoken English in record time. Follow these 7 steps to get better at English in record time. The final step of the proven 7 step process to learn spoken English in Sinhala is the review step. Traditionally you will do a written test prepared by your English teacher but guess what? have a look at the audio samples from students who follow the 7 step process. Also find spoken Sinhala or Sinhalese is the official language of Sri Lanka. Spoken English is very different from written English. I am no longer You don’t have to wait for someone to give you feedback or work on someone else’s time table. Students write these English words down with their Sinhala meaning sometimes the teacher might ask a question or two from front-row students. If someone is telling you, you need to master grammar in order to speak fluent English that person is talking about written English NOT spoken English but unfortunately 100% of traditional spoken English classes in Sinhala force students to learn grammar. I knew a few words but didn’t know how to speak. Now you understand why you are struggling. So why stop listening to Sinhala teledramas and YouTube shows. If you try hard enough you can learn any language in a reasonable amount of time and the same goes for English too, It doesn’t matter where you were born or whether you are rich or poor but with the correct guidance, you can start speaking English. No, you did not get a class. Spoken like a man Now I understand you live in Sri Lanka so you still need to communicate in Sinhala. This is exactly the reason why we are focused on audio lessons with real-world conversations so this way you don’t waste time trying to learn the entire oxford dictionary. – with grammar in written English, I ring you tomorrow, all right!! This is the most critical and also the most rewarding step of all. So if you currently scratching your head and thinking ‘’How the hell I am going to speak fluent English’’, don’t worry. There are more than 100,000 words in English. Every 18-year-old kid now has a smartphone with him. Whenever I had to go to an expensive Colombo shop (Which was a pretty rare occasion) I felt the lack of fluency in my Spoken English. However, you can definitely cut down watching some of that mindless tv shows and youtube videos. In the next section, I have included some of the Spoken English lessons in Sinhala from my online spoken English course and these audio lessons are part of a complete English lessons in Sinhala course I have designed to help people just like you. All you need to do is – listen to real word English conversations, practice them and review yourself. You are gifted with an amazing machine called ‘’The Brain’’. Both of my parents were well educated but English was not a household language. However, if you say did you piss? The teacher usually stands in front of the blackboard with a notebook and spells out words almost for the entire period of the class. If you want to understand a native English speaker, you should be able to keep up with their phase. However, I was surrounded by native English speaks every day so I could pick up everyday expressions pretty quickly. You learn just enough so you can start speaking straight away. My wife is Australian and I work in an office with Australian people so I don’t speak Sinhala at home or at work. Grammar is for written English not when you speaking it. This is the same 7 step process I followed and got results as you can see it’s not really that complicated. Just download Google’s podcast app and do a browse. Within months I could speak English moderately well. If you just learn the word ‘’piss’’ and memorise that it means urine, you might get a shock if some ask you – ‘’Are you pissed?’’ That would really piss you off, won’t it? Remember the ‘’piss’’ example we discussed earlier. We already discussed the danger of just learning single words in step 03. This is one of the biggest reasons – why traditional English teaching methods are not effective because you need to prepare yourself from day one to match with real-world speed. Most of these teachers follow a common template, The exact template I was taught in school which didn’t help me at all when I tried to speak with native English speakers in Australia. Watching English movies is always a good start but most of the movie dialogues are written to fit certain moods and Sometimes movie dialogues can be a bit too far fetched from the real world. After spending years in Australia I have come up with this Proven 7 step process to learn spoken English in Sinhala. Find more information about this spoken English Sinhala course by tapping here, Ultimate guide on how to learn spoken English in Sinhala, Traditional Sinhala spoken outdated English techniques, Proven 7 step process to learn spoken English in Sinhala. It just happened. since I broke up with her. complete English lessons in Sinhala course. This is mostly due to outdated teaching techniques used in spoken English Sinhala tuition classes in Sri Lanka. I think my parents wanted us to get familiar with speaking English but we simply didn’t have the culture to support it. If you can’t keep yourself motivated it’s very hard to keep at doing difficult things. I have put together this ultimate guide on how to learn spoken English in Sinhala to help you to start on your own and don’t worry I am not one of those old school English teachers with a blackboard behind me. The best way to do that is to start a conversation with a native English speaking person. Maybe you want to learn a language you must learn entire expressions. who has never had to shave. There are plenty of spoken English classes in Sinhala out there and I have come across many YouTube videos and several websites offering lessons. The teacher usually stands in front of the blackboard with a notebook and spells out words almost for the entire period of the class. Do a second recording and then the third recording. End of this guide you will find some spoken English lessons in Sinhala to get you started. If someone would tell me – ‘’You are going to be a fluent English speaker in less than a year’’ I would have the same look on my face that you got right now. I grew up poor and thought I am going to be poor all my life and most of my family thought the same and considered rich high-class people out of our reach since English is the language of the rich we automatically thought we are not supposed to be good at English so if you feel like you are scared of English or you think you don’t deserve to learn English you are mistaken just like me. lol. The average dude who doesn’t even have the same qualifications as you got your dream job because he can speak better English than you. Presenters in these programmes use a strange mix of English and Sinhala maybe it sounds posh but it’s WRONG! In this long informative guide, I am going to show you exactly how I fixed my spoken English and as a Sinhala native speaker how you can too.

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