Overall I like it. I was also having some WiFi issues the other day when I really needed it to work (hosting a large Zoom meeting) and it was then that I discovered there was no ethernet port on this thing. Its really easy to use. Please help us what to do. Oh well. Get performance ratings and pricing on the HP 15-DY1023DX computer. I have an external floppy and disc drive, as well as external SSD drive, so this laptop will be perfect for everything I will need. Learn more with 450 Questions and 573 Answers for HP - 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5 - 12GB Memory - 256GB SSD - Natural Silver We were trying to finished the set up when suddenly it crushed. This HP … It is super quick never lagging. All I can say is that it’s fast and really great! a) the huge amount of space. The touch screen is a major plus. Num lock doesn't illuminate when on, so you have no clue whether it's on or not In-store pricing may vary. Getting it to grab the correct microphone or play the right speaker was irksome. I purchased at regular price, and when I picked it up, they offered at $100 less. User rating, 4.4 out of 5 stars with 1896 reviews. In-store pricing may vary. Also note that it comes with a relatively small 256gb solid state disk drive. This document contains the technical details for this product. Microsoft has its quirks, but it is a good system and it has its own store and you can link your cell phone to your laptop and receive/make calls and messages from your computer while you are on it, which is very convenient. It has a touchscreen that is very responsive that I use very often. Maybe I'll pick up a USB ethernet adapter and things will be fine. On my last computer I was constantly having to delete programs to make room. Really no complaints. - Great quality and light weight Not sure why MS thinks I want a different experience at home and office, it's slight, but very noticeable to me (maybe others are fine with it). Best Buy is not responsible for answers provided by Community Answers, Customers, or other third parties. Thanks in advance. There’s nothing to complain about. - Can't beat the price, especially when its on sale for $100 off This model does have a HP TrueVision HD webcam with an integrated dual array digital microphone, it will work great for Zoom. Since it only has 1 HDMI output, I'm stuck. I did buy a wireless mouse as I am not a fan of the mouse keypad on any laptop. For those that didn't read the specifications of this computer... it ships with "Windows 10 Home in S Mode". That was the first thing to get my attention. The good: the computer runs very, very smoothly. I keep forgetting about it! I bought it for gaming and even with constant use it probably only lasts 3 hours. This will be more than sufficient. My biggest disappointment (and it's a decently big one) is that the USB-C port is "data only" and doesn't send video. Had to buy antivirus program online, but that wasn't expensive, and this computer is almost a year old. Number pad had the zero where it should be. Does this laptop have a webcam built in for zoom? I use this for a small business and it can handle everything I need. My only complaint is the touch/feel of the mousepad and keyboard. Good luck. ... but there is no back light on the keyboard for this model … It can handle the average user's tasks and internet needs. the touch screen is very nice to have...after being all the rage and than disappearing from them. I need to depend on that for Zoom meetings (especially right now in the COVID days) and I just can't. I'm a very light gamer, and I haven't tried any graphic-intensive games, but it's been smooth sailing so far with the Sims 4. I am overwhelmed with everything the laptop can do. That performance warning is only there so that if you install something that hits performance you can't come back and say "this performs like crap." its very natural. I'm probably more frustrated with the Windows 10 Home differences from Windows 10 Pro than I am about system performance (WiFi is still very frustrating). Cheap for a reason. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants a good Laptop without all the extras (like gaming, this is likely not the laptop for gamers). Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for HP - 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5 - 12GB Memory - 256GB SSD - Natural Silver. I use windows 365 and it was an … Mixer- KamuiFx. The fan comes on sometimes when I have alot of programs running but it's not loud. I bought an HP printer which I haven't hooked up yet. Read helpful reviews from our customers. Good luck! It's been a week and I'm planning to keep the laptop. It requires that all applications are purchased via the Microsoft Store (similar to the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store), and that means you can not directly install apps that you may have purchased elsewhere. I assumed with the 12GB memory, SSD, and a decent processor that it'd be a great laptop that would last me several years. - Speakers sound great Microsoft support is available when I need it for the laptop. Exactly what I expected and more. I haven't gone through and removed all the default installs (McAfee, HP tools, etc.) Letting my kids use it a headache at times because the touchscreen is real sensitive and they always click on things. - WiFi is good, but sometimes can go in and out HP’s quality control and serviceability are atrocious. Again they say this is to enhance security. Still learning something new every day. - Looks sleek, yet modern

hp model 15-ef0023dx review

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