Argon walks into a bar. But I was like Na, someone already made that joke. A: HeHe. What is the element's favorite carnival ride? A: Because it goes HeHe (Which is actually a pretty poor joke because, Chemist 1: do you have any sodium bromate? My friend asked me if i want some Sodium Bromate. Sooo I was gonna tell you a joke about sodium and hydrogen......but NaH. What did the elements say to hydrogen? ... Si You wanna hear a joke about nitrogen and oxygen? You wanna hear a joke about sodium? Answer: UFO. Employee: For you, no charge! ... NO You wanna hear a joke about tungsten? -"Cesium! Beryl who? Followed by Batman. Bromine, oxygen, and … You don't hear a lot of jokes, puns, or riddles in physics and biology, but chemistry is full of them. What song starts with Oxygen Hydrogen Sodium Sodium? Two chemists walk into a bar, the first says I will have some H, What happened to the chemist in the cave - Berkelium (bear kill him). How did the boss speak to the very lazy employee? Here is a collection of reader-submitted chemistry jokes and puns. In the zinc. What did the chemist say to motivate his team? Oh Na Na, what's my name. ", A neutron walks into a bar and says "How much for a beer?" Because they are bronzed with Arsenic. "OH SNaP!". OH SNaP! You're gonna get fat!" Why? Argon walks into a bar, the bartender says "We don't serve nobles gasses here." Turns out they were in for assault and battery. Are you feeling under the weather today? You barium. 1st Person: Do you like Iron man, coz I do! When someone I don't like asks me to hang out I tell them sodium hydrogen. -- KNiFe. I was looking for sodium on the periodic table, but then it told me it was not available! What he thought was H2O was H2SO4! Bromine. I would tell you a chemistry joke but all the good ones Argon! Sodium Jokes I wanted to post a joke about sodium. Teacher: What's the molecular formula of water? ", First person: Do I have a joke on sodium?? Na, im fine, I don't want to tell jokes in class because I might get NO REACTION, What do tomb robbers do to pyramids? Q: What did the chemist say when he found two isotopes of Helium? Student: HIJKLMNO Teacher: No, that's wrong. What animal do you get when you take out the T, A and I in the word Potassium. My jokes are kinda boron, but a lot of the good ones. Did you hear? Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Only the Catholic ones! SAVE TO FOLDER. What a loner! Proton 1: I'm positive! -Radium What did the king say to the guard when the prisoner escaped? Person 2: Na, Anyone know any sodium, bromine, or Oxygen jokes? Are you a mixture of Fluoride, Iodine, and Nitrogen cause you are fine. - The happy Frenchman's opinion after buying his new automobile. When my wealthy old aunt passed away I got all the antimony! How did Arsenals become a strong club in English premier league? Bar man says, "We don't serve. --Helium, What's the best formula for breakfast? Are you made out of beryllium, ununtrium, and titanium ? That's if you can't helium or curium. What does Uranium, Nickel, Cobalt, and Radon spell? What does a metal miner write home in a letter to his girlfriend? (Explanation: bury 'em, bury them sounds like barium). Pop the Cd In neighbor! "why are you screaming?" -- Rhodium Where did he do it? We've all sulfured enough. 2nd Person: No, he just a big Fe Male! Oxygen and magnesium got together?? Come on guys, these chemistry jokes are getting a bit boron. ...but I dunno, I take everything she says with a grain of salt. Are you hydrogen? Na BrO, Chemistry jokes are sodium funny. Cause you're a BeUTi ( beauty). Chemist 2: NaBrO. Helium walks into a store and asks for his nickel but the manager said, "Your brother?" ", What is uranium + fluorine + oxygen? Argon doesn't react. The barman says "For you NO CHARGE". But I was like Na, someone already made that joke. There is an abundance of chemistry jokes out there. Sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium… Zinc! It makes CAsH, So some helium walks into the bar and says "lets Barium!!!" A proton and a neutron are walking down the street. Carbon was saying to oxygen hey did you hear about the new phone company O2? Because you look like you're Na fine. Febreeze, Silicon jokes: Q: Is silicon the same in Spanish? Proton 1: Hey, that man just got a free drink! What do you do with a dead scientist? Na BrO. Q: What did the copper say to the steel-er? HAHAHAHA. We ARGON to BARIUM. sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium BATMAN! Beryl. So an atom walks into a bar with a gun and the bartender says "Who are you and what do you want?"

sodium bromate joke

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