BBEST Snails. Snail farming is new to Lebanon, so many people have found it to be a ridiculous adventure. I sell to French restaurants for the traditional “escargots a la bourguignonne”, Lebanese restaurants which serve them with a sesame lemon sauce called taratour, as well as outlets that use the snail meat with pasta, pizza and other interesting recipes. I try to work with chefs in delivering new snail experiences to their customers. Lebanon, although a very small country, has many different micro climates. Read more about his story of pursuing an exciting path of becoming a snail farmer in this ever-growing niche industry! I decided to build a kitchen to cook and vacuum-pack snail meat. Eight new farms are expected to open in different regions in the coming few months, after seven farms were established last year in the North and Bekaa. Related Pages. Snail Farming Secrets. Everything about snail farming and dining, © 2016-2017, Escargot World, All Rights Reserved. I do visit the farm once a week to discuss any issues with the manager, and try to find quick solutions if there are any major problems. Reproduction pens will produce a little over 100,000 snails for fattening. Is snail farming a good choice for a successful business? This is now my main business, and I have found considerable success with these products, which can be much more easily incorporated in different recipes. Once the farm is built and the pens seeded, then the most crucial part remains the management of the farm, including pest control, irrigation and pen maintenance, and the dispensing of the extra vegetation. The International Institute of Heliciculture in Cherasco, Italy., provided me with the basic knowledge about how to build the farm. We started in November and had to be ready by June to distribute the original breeder snails. Jump to. People. What are the biggest obstacles to successful snail farming? 892 likes. Do you recommend any good restaurant serving escargots? Where is your snail farm located and how big is the farm? Find all our videos on Youtube. From the prehistoric age, human has been consuming snail meat because of its high rate of protein, iron, low fat, and including almost all the amino acid which is needed for human body. Snail Farms in Lebanon. Perseverance. Snail Farms in Lebanon. Snails have long-been a vibrant culinary tradition in Lebanese cuisine. Accessibility Help. We are happy to present the snail entrepreneur Rami Salman from Lebanon who owns a snail farm Helix Lebanon. Even if the economy caused the shrinking of the labor market, there are still ways and opportunities for successful and profitable investments. I used to live in Abu Dhabi working as a business development consultant, and I decided to return to my home country of Lebanon. I found that the location of the farm to be the most important consideration, especially since the farming method is free range and outdoors. One of the biggest challenges facing tilapia farming in Lebanon is the cold climate and sub-optimal water temperatures. What are the most important things to consider when starting a snail farm? I believe that if a farmer puts in the time and effort on the farm, the end result will be successful. Website. My farm is in Aamiq, a wetlands village in the Beqaa Valley. My time is mostly focused on finding new clients, pushing for more snail recipes with existing customers, and developing new products for the retail market. A total of 200,000 sqm of land is currently dedi cated to snail farming in Lebanon and Daou says that each 1,000 sqm translates into a ton of snails per year, which are sold wholesale at $4.5 to $5.6 per kilogram. Snail farming is a 44-year old global industry unlike in Lebanon where it emerged only two years ago but yet proved to be a promising sector. Snail Farms in Lebanon Snails have long-been a vibrant culinary tradition in Lebanese cuisine. If you would like to start a snail farming business please read more about it in the Guide to Snail Farming. The land used has an area of approximately 25,000 m2, and includes 67 breeding pens and 4,000 m2 of extra vegetation area to grow lettuce, cabbage, sunflower and carrots. Since three years, snail farmers (basically 10 breeders) have produced 300 tons of snails every year, mostly of the garden Helix aspersa Italian species, the newspaper wrote, According to As Safir daily, world studies have shown that the available size of production does not exceed 20% of the global demand. Helix Lebanon snail farm. He said there are currently some 20 snail breeders in Lebanon and production is expected to reach 300 tons in 2016. (As Safir, 22 May 2015), Collective for Research and Training on Development - Action (CRTD.A), Fundraiser and Proposal Writer Specialist, Divorce rate in Lebanon doubles in 10 years, Sexism & objectifying women in advertisement in Lebanon, Lebanon imports 85% of its food (USD 20 billion annually). Snails have long-been a vibrant culinary tradition in Lebanese cuisine. I sell Helix Aspersa Muller snails from my own farm, and from other farms in Lebanon, and I also purchase Helix Lucorum snails picked in the wild, which we are also trying to breed on a farm. A sense of humour. Snail Farming – Professionally Specialized in Snail Business Snail farming is today a lucrative business A Foolproof Investment with Substantial Profits. When planting the pens, I found that the best crops to use are those that have already been used locally, with an emphasis on two seeds that have worked very well – Swiss Chard and Alfalfa. The Livestock Farming industry of which snail farming line of business is a part of is indeed a large industry and pretty much active in countries such as United States of America, Israel, Brazil, China, Germany, Argentina and Nigeria et al. Daou stressed that the expansion of this alternative farming is feasible, since in 2014 current global production stood at 480 thousand tons. العربية ; English; 4-12-2017 . If done right, then the farm will be successful, but I have seen a few farms close because the farmers did not invest time into finding the right solutions. For this purpose, the ‘Lebanese Treasures Land’ (Kounouz al Arad al Lubnaniya) was founded with the support of farmers associations and with funding from the Lebanese Trust for Consultancy and Investment. It took about six month to build the farm, including the perimeter fence, the pens, and seeding. Lebanon, although a very small country, has many different micro climates. Photo by Rami Salman. But snail farming is also attracting the interest of local entrepreneurs, who see it as a profitable and growing business that requires little land or labor. In what forms do you sell snails and where did you find your first buyers? I found that the location of the farm to be the most important consideration, especially since the farming method is free range and outdoors. According to the report “World: Snails (Except Sea Snails) – Market Report. As Safir pointed out that Lebanon is considered a favorable environment for snail farming because of suitable weather and the existence of vast land areas in the South, Beqaa and Akkar.

snail farms in lebanon

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