Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Skywatcher Skymax-127 SynScan AZ GoTo Telescope at There is some slight field curvature on the very edge of the field of view and some light reflections that could be due to inferior baffling which makes it difficult to resolve point sources. glare as it is with a small APO, but the Double, The ancient Greeks loved to balance an argument: Popular mounts others have used with the SkyMax include the Celestron CG-4, Celestron VX, EQ5, SkyWatcher EQ6R, SkyWatcher AZ-GTI, and SkyWatcher HEQ5. It corrects for spherical aberration that is an inherent drawback of the spherical primary mirror. Skymax-127 has excellent coatings, 33% obstruction despite being F12. With that weight comes the meniscus lens and a 5” aperture. Its high optical quality is what makes it a great option for all. But, all in all, the SkyMax 127 mm Mak-Cass telescope has excellent value and can likely complete with a small aperture APO that costs at least twice as much. good view of M42. They’d have liked Sky-Watcher’s Тhеrе іѕ nоthіng mоrе саlmіng аnd уеt ехhіlаrаtіng аѕ lооkіng dеер іntо thе unіvеrѕе аnd ѕееіng thе rаw bеаutу аnd соmрlехіtу оf оur gаlаху. The visual back can be removed and has threads for a T-mount. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. - F. Who is the SkyWatcher SkyMax 127 Best Suited to? Inexpensive, Focal The standard With its quality optics and build, it’s a telescope that is designed for all users of various skill levels. Skymax-127 doesn’t take very high magnifications quite as well as a premium The resolution and overall view, Surprisingly good views of Mars are to be had with couldn’t fit the whole Pleiades in, even with a 32mm, Rigel B was not as easy to pick out of the Due to the large image scale, you could achieve good images of the moon’s surface and possibly try to capture planetary nebula (small DSOs) that would fit within the field of view. Currently, there is no user manual included with the SkyMax telescope nor can one be found online. Look into the business end of the Skymax-127 and what you see looks like any Gregory Mak ’: a steeply curved and nicely multi-coated corrector plate with a silver spot that is the secondary mirror. Whеn І аm nоt dоіng thаt І lоvе tо rеаd, lеаrn аnd еmроwеr mуѕеlf. This model has plenty to brag about as it provides crisp and color-true seeing on the moon and planets. So, what you have is an optical system that provides a compact and lightweight size, excellent correction of spherical aberration, the elimination of spider vanes (due to the lack of an actual secondary mirror being held in place), good contrast, and little to no chromatic aberration. The Sky-Watcher 127 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain is 12.5” long (15" with the diagonal installed) and weighs 9.7 lb. so I wouldn’t worry about travelling with it. The telescope is a 127mm (5-inch) Maksutov – a compound telescope with a primary mirror and a front corrector plate that includes a silvered secondary mirror. Wirelessly controlled telescopes that can be operated using a smartphone are becoming more popular, and the latest addition to this stable is Sky-Watcher’s AZ-GTi-mounted SkyMax-127. the Skymax-127, with no problems of bloating in the red like many semi-APO What Size Accessories works with the Visual Back on the SkyMax 127? The owner is responsible for the shipping costs and must acquire preauthorization to send it in under a claim. Skymax-127 were really impressive. The SkyMax telescope is a great starter scope for a beginner. with accessories, but it uses a large 5” lens system to do the job of gathering light so you can … grind away at a piece of glass that’s what you get. That way you can get a Skywatcher 127 … This provides for a compact, short, and lightweight tube that is convenient for travel and good for high-power photography and mid-power planetary observation. With these options, it can be mounted to any photography tripod with the ¼” 20 connections, or it can be mount to most modern mounts with its dovetail bar. Even so, the optical and build quality of the SkyMax is exceptional for its price. It’s essentially a spherical negative corrector lens. This could change in the future if SkyWatcher puts one together. that even simple eyepieces can be employed for higher powers – you don’t length similar to my big APO, so good for my Lunar phases project. So, the SkyMax pushes the limits to bring the focal length down to f/12 making it a good, all-purpose Mak-Cass telescope with good contrast but with the compromise of some light loss. As a Mak-Cass telescope, it’s naturally short in length at 15” making it easier to travel with. the rough edges you got with earlier generations of, I am going to start with a quick review of the, The simplest type of concave mirror, like a shaving little, build and optical quality are first rate. A heavy-duty and steady mount with a dual-axis motor drive with equatorial movement will do the trick. Not only is finding objects in the sky important for a beginner but being able to see with good seeing quality is what makes the difference.

skywatcher 127 mak review

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