Get rid of the taste Alvaro from Brazil. Knowing that my children had had a flouride rinse in school or had treatments at the dentist which required them NOT to rinse or drink for a bit I was curious and hence have been reading. If you leave the toothpaste in your mouth traces of Sodium Saccharine run down your throat. It emphatically states: Previous studies have indicated that rinsing the mouth with a beaker of water after toothbrushing may compromise the caries reducing effect of fluoride toothpaste. A very important reason for rinsing — one does not want to prevent cavities at the cost of developing cancer. (depends on what you use and what your views on fluoride are). How in the world can someone brush their teeth with toothpast and NOT rinse it out with water? How about I use mouthwash after brushing? ; we are all fighting a losing battle. What’s the Best Temporary Crown Cement and Method to Re-Cement Crowns? He told me: “that makes sense”, but kept going with his habits. Rinsing after brushing can remove or quash the strong residual taste left behind … If at your most recent dental checkup you were informed that you have some incipient lesions (small cavities that are just starting), then perhaps not rinsing your mouth out after you brush could help heal those small cavities and get you a clean bill of oral health at your next visit. From my vantage point, it looked like only two or three hands were raised out of the hundreds of dentists that were present. Using mouthwash after directly after brushing is also bad for your teeth as it rinses away the fluoride, there are also some risks to your gum. Because of this, your teeth have less protection from saliva and are more vulnerable to acid attacks. It should be taken out of water and toothpaste. For example, although normal amounts of fruit are fine, fruit juices have sugar liberated from the plant cells and heavy consumption can cause decay. I never rinsed but would spit really well and have started to rinse slightly to see if that helped my mouth sore. Thanks for stopping by Oral Answers! The textbook Dental Caries by Fejerskov states that “Clinical studies in which some of the participants have been taught to use a small volume of water and the toothpaste slurry left after brushing as a ‘mouthrinse’ have demonstrated that further reductions in caries are achievable. The more flouride you ingest, the stronger, sexier, and more confident you feel! To be fair, it isn’t as if Americans are the only loud talkers. Ugh, it was such a well thought out response too. Brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, spit don't rinse, eat and drink nothing after brushing, and don't have sugar more than four times daily. At night, you produce less saliva than during the day. Floss, mouthwash, brush, spit out, brush tongue, then tongue scrape and spit out again. This includes biscuits, cups of sugary tea or coffee and other snacks with refined carbohydrates like crisps. I thought it was a mistake – his mistake – but then I realized that none of my American friends used to rinse the mouth with water after brushing their teeth. Don’t read wikipedia’s description of flouride–it will only bum you out. You did a lot of good gob! Check your toothpaste's concentration by reading the ingredients on the back of the tube. Colored Braces: What Colors of Braces Can You Get? The … I don’t really mind, because I was told several times to basically shut the hell up in Russia (my voice carries wayyy too much), but strangely enough they tend to be the loudest when they visit America. I tried some arguments with my ex, talking about the bacterias that were still in his mouth. If your teeth chip, crack or break easily, it’s strongly recommended that you DON’T rinse after you brush. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The vast majority of proprietary brands of toothpaste contain Sodium Saccharine, to which I am allergic. So my advice is, check what you allergic to, or at least intolerant to, and check the label of the toothpaste, rinse out, and change your brand if you need to. That’s disgusting! There should not be 2 sides of the story when it comes to rinsing or not rinsing after brushing your teeth!!!!!! This is an interesting read on the rinsing after brushing your teeth. At the Maine Dental Association meeting last year, a presenter was talking about the benefits of fluoride and asked his dental audience the following question: “Does anybody here actually rinse out with water after brushing so that they rinse away the tooth-protecting fluoride?!?”. As far as leaving bacteria behind in your mouth, again, since most of the fluid from brushing is expectorated (maybe 99%+), the bacteria that were stripped off from the teeth during the process of brushing would be 99%+ gone. I’m not especially prone to cavities but since rinsing isn’t essential I’ll just keep going with my normal routine. Lol! By Clement Seeballuck and Nicola Innes, The Conversation. Many people who rinse after brushing say things like: – Swallowing toothpaste will irritate your stomach. Why rinse it off? . idk good luck!! I always rinse out and here’s the reason. A simple way of cutting down would be to stop putting sugar in hot drinks and limiting snacking. When you spit rather than rinse off, this fluoride remains on the teeth and continues to exert its effect on your teeth and protect it. For example, Yahoo Answers user Just Me, recently stated the following about her brushing habits: i always rinse after brushing…and not 2 brag…but i have really nice teeth!! Want an icon to show up when you leave a comment? i have had white american friends that kept asking me why in the world black people speak loud?evntho i am not american i have noticed the same thing,some foreigners that are living in the us are loud, however, every foreigner is not loud just like every american is not the same.Hope you get my point. In some ways, by not rinsing, the residual triclosan in your mouth may also help to eradicate additional bacteria, especially in those hard to reach places like between 2 teeth or behind your furthest back molars. Interesting article. In my case, it caused a rash in my throat, which was initially suspected to be throat cancer. Don’t worry, it’s only toxic if you drink, like, a LOT of water. Also, I work at a hotel, and the foreign people that come in do have a tendency to yell. The key ingredient is fluoride, which evidence shows. No. The mechanical act of brushing removes the very sticky dental plaque -- a mixture of bacteria, their acids and sticky byproducts and food remnants. Bacteria produce acids after they metabolise sugar which causes demineralisation. I have always rinsed. Just like when you bathe, the bacterial load on your skin drops several orders of magnitude, but the bacteria grow right back at an exponential rate. Roger Stewart MT(ASCP), First brush and rinse.than with your finger put a small amount of the paste and then spit. Ingredient in whitening strips is harmful to deep layer of teeth, research says, What teeth can reveal about the secret lives of our ancestors, Long-term breastfeeding leads to more cavities, study says, Why some kids are more prone to tooth decay, What happens to your brain when you give up sugar, Taking a selfie while brushing your teeth could be good for you. Before I discuss whether or not you should rinse out with water after brushing your teeth, let’s take a look at both sides of the argument and some supporting studies. I am in my mid 60s, I have always rinsed my mouth after brushing also only have 3 fillings which I got as a child of around 9 or 10, I have all of my teeth apart from my wisdom teeth.

should you rinse after brushing your teeth

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