Shaner's Oribe glaze with glass. Manganese glaze … Apple Green glaze 5" - 14" 4" dai. High clay shinos work pretty well, as does temmoku, amber celadons, many ash glazes, Shaner oribe, salt yellow, white salt (most of these are in John Britt's cone 10 glaze book). 17" dia. This amount of copper may leach from this base, so have glaze … submitted by: Richard Gralnik e-mail: original source El Camino College NOT FOR FOOD USE. The right side is considerably lighter because of the porcelain engobe underneath. Original Language: English Share: ... Shaner's Oribe High Fire Glaze Base 9-10: 65.66 6.97 … Shaner’s Gold – foodsafe – will run if thick. Blue Glaze with blue stamps. Overglazes don’t seem to work very well on it – they can cause the surface to wrinkle. Pools in dark blue/black. Temmoku & Waxy Matt Green with red. Palomar Gold glaze 17" dia. Southern Ice Glaze. 16 ' dia. There's also … This glaze looks good when it’s on medium or a little thin. Shaner’s Oribe … Set of dishes. red overspray glaze 3 1/2" dia. Oribe Green Shaner / Babs Custer feldspar 29 Flint 30 Whiting 19.5 Talc 5.7 EPK 7.5 Strontium carbonate 4.6 Bone ash 1.5 Copper carbonate 6 Bentonite 2 Epsom salts 0.25 Shino Nepheline Syenite 40 Kona F … Glaze Type: High-fire. Third row from the top, far left tile is # 3103 Shaner Oribe on an iron bearing clay body.

shaner oribe glaze

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