I find my Sew Ezi table is perfect for taking to retreats. The SewEzi Grande is a relocatable sewing and quilting table designed for your sewing room. It allows you to sew a few more inches at a time and supports the weight of your project, causing less drag. If you don’t see your machine listed, email us at barbara@seweziusa.com for information. I will set it up at home sometimes, if I've got quilting spread all over my regular table and want to do some piecing. The only downside is its size - I would like The leg system is made from furniture tube which has been The leg system is made from furniture tube which has been powder coated and contains a UV blocker to minimise fading in high UV environments. It works great. Table Depth When Folded: 4” (10 cm) Portability: This table was designed to be first and foremost PORTABLE. SewEzi Grande and Portable tables have a flat sewing surface. This time around, I bought a SewEzi Portable Table. This flat sewing bed acts like a permanent extension table. This table gives you a spacious and comfortable workstation to sew and quilt your projects on. Your machine sits down into In December 2011, when George came to live with us, my Janome needed a new home so I got a portable sewing table.. Your SewEzi table can be set up to fit nearly any commercially available sewing machine. SewEzi Portable Table I finally broke down and got a new sewing table for my Janome. Sew Ezi Accessories SewEzi Table Inserts SewEzi Tables Sewing Machines Tutto Accessories Machine on Wheels Serger Bags News Show Calendar Classes Contact Us $0.00 0 items SewEzi … This is a sample listing of the machines that we have inserts for. This table uses a tool less card table stay system to hold the legs so that it is quick and easy to operate. 開脚時はロックされる4本足の安定した無駄なものが一切無いシンプルな構造。 二段目のベースにミシンを置くとミシンのベッド面がテーブルトップにぴったり揃います。 収納時は自立式で楽な作業スタイルでカバーも取り付けられます。 The top dimension of 34” x 19” has been carefully designed to give a good size work area, but be small enough to fit into most small cars.

sew ezi table

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