This self-defense practice can cause some severe damage and inflict an immense amount of pain. The upper cut can also be effective if done to the body like towards the ribs or solar plexus. Ideally, you’d want to sign yourself up at a martial arts academy to practice self-defense under the guidance of a proven professional; although, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of several self-defense moves that you can add to your arsenal in the meantime. Closed Hand or Fist Strikes. This is a close combat strike that you should do if the attacker is right in front of you. This is such a straight forward punch that can really do a bunch of damage. Hammer-fist Strikes. Uppercut punch is extremely good to use when defending yourself. Many Krav Maga self defense techniques for men can also be productive exercises that will work seamlessly into your devoted fitness program. Using the palm in this instance, would result in more of a slap. 10 Top Tips on How to Prevent Lock Bumping, In conclusion, for most men, the response to any attack would be, self-defense strikes and kicks are most effective when done correctly. The hook punch is not the wild haymakers you see in the YouTube videos of street fights. Attackers are almost always looking for vulnerable … If you really know how to fight you can step to the side of the attacker throwing and upper cut to the liver. Knee strikes can be a devastating self-defense technique if you find yourself on the ground and on top of them. For example, they can choke you from behind (known as a “Rear Naked Choke”), from the front, standing, from the ground, and even with a tool like a rope or belt. A hammer fist is possibly the best self-defense technique for a closed hand strike. Strike the attacker on the inside and outside of their thighs, their hips, inside or outside of their knee joints, their tailbone, their stomach or groin if standing. The brutal consequences of a street fight, Martial Arts, Self-Defense and a Whole Lot More: The Best of Wim’s Blog, Street E & E: Evading, Escaping, And Other Ways To Save Your Ass When Things Get Ugly, Real Fighting: Adrenaline Stress Conditioning Through Scenario-Based Training. This may be tough to do for anyone that has not been trained to fight. Many fighters will lean over in a fight which is a good set up for the uppercut to the chin or bring it up to their ribs. For more information on self-defense, Also, if you would like to learn more about self-defense weapons, you can read. Haymakers are easy to defend for any seasoned fighter. Podcast episode 53: Worst martial arts advice ever, Patreon special offer: full newsletter archive, Podcast episode 52: Martial arts cults and cult-like thinking, Podcast episode 51: Interview with René Dreifuss, Podcast episode 50: the return of the hillbilly thug. Watching some of the videos we have on this type of training will help you understand how to do it right. Most self-defense classes will tell you to use your palm and strike upwards towards the nostrils. You are trying to hit them hard enough to disorient the attacker, so this would not be effective. 10 Surprisingly Simple Self Defence Techniques Everyone Needs to Know. Best of all, a throat strike, even if it is not entirely executed, is very distracting. This PlayItSafeDefense class teaches self defense techniques for men; middle and high school age to adult. MMA fighters use this punch all the time to knock down or knock out opponents. I highly, recommend taking self-defense classes or martial arts so you can practice executing, each of these tactics safely and successfully. The training we provide at our Protection Skills website teaches this exact strike. Arming yourself with basic self-defense moves will ensure you’re a step ahead of the rest. It can also be driven in or speared into the target. Much like striking with the elbow, a knee strike can be above, below or using the kneecap itself. Boxers tape their hands and wrists for these very reasons. Knee strikes, like elbow strikes, can be powerful and potentially deadly ways to defend yourself. You would need to wait till you have more training to use this technique. I would only do this one if you know what you are doing. You can use your palm or a fist when striking the opponent. Done right you will break the knee or leg bone causing them to fall. Welcome to Home Defense Academy. Just about anyone can perform the following 8 basic self defence moves, and everyone should know them.

self defense techniques for men

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