The T2 novel trilogy explores Sarah and John's life while living off the grid. Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. I'll be back. In 1999, four years after the events of the second film, Sarah and John Connor are living undercover after being blamed for the murder of Miles Dyson and is engaged to paramedic Charley Dixon. She learns she is in danger from a televised report of two identically-named Los Angeles women who were shot to death earlier that day. After John's defeat and the prevention of Skynet from spreading to computer servers worldwide, Sarah, Kyle and Pops prepare to face an unknown future, unaware that Skynet is now self-aware in Cyberdyne's underground facility. : It's what you taught me. John and a T-800 later travel to the future, where they succeed in destroying Skynet, and John returns to the present to reunite with Sarah. When the Model 101 (or T-800) comes to the hospital ward with John, she flees in terror and is almost captured by the hospital staff, but she goes with the android who tells her "come with me if you want to live." Sarah Connor In the past, John and Sarah receive assistance from Supergirl (Matrix), Superboy and Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor. John Connor In addition, she is headstrong, assertive, and audacious. : Kyle Reese Technical Specs, [Sarah approaches to find Reese knocked out]. They eventually run into FBI agent Jordan Dyson, Miles Dyson's brother who is looking to capture the Connors for his brother's death and Cyberdyne's destruction, but witnesses the Terminators himself and comes to believe them and decides to help them destroy Cyberdyne's most recent facility and the remaining Terminators. Sarah plans to time travel and destroy Skynet to prevent Judgment Day. | She visits Dr. Sherman again but is unable to be honest with him. Sarah Connor Sarah remembers seeing a three-dotted symbol in her dreams. You die. Hello, Sarah Conner. [attempts a friendly smile]. Everything's changed... and we can stop Judgement Day. GPS coordinates tattooed onto Grace are revealed to match the source of Sarah's texts, with the group's efforts to track this source revealing that it is the T-800 that killed John. Sarah Connor After having seen the T-800 and the T-1000 himself seven years previously, Silberman has come to believe Sarah's story. In the director's cut of the movie, Sarah has an opportunity to destroy the machine's CPU. That's just great. Sarah stays at Dieter's house, while Dieter and John head to Cyberdyne's back-up site in Monatana alongside Wendy Dorset, John's new girlfriend and the Resistance's first recruit. Sarah Connor This is the world now: Plugged in, logged on all the time. No, just upgraded. their relationship changes; John cannot let go of his guilt for killing Sarkissian; Sarah realizes that she cannot always protect her son. Get down! You lied to me. Sarah's relationship with Cameron has been repeatedly antagonistic and they share a mutual distrust. These events result in an altered timeline that erases the events of the earlier films. Her obsession with the symbol leads her to Dakara Systems, a technology company whose logo includes it. It's nice to see you. [6] The controversy was covered by the Los Angeles Times,[6] The Boston Herald,[7] The Guardian,[7] and an online fan group. Kyle Reese Sarah tells John about his true identity and he seeks help from her former fiancé Charley Dixon to save his uncle's life. Sarah Connor : I can work with that. During their brief time together, Kyle tells Sarah that she will be responsible for training John in the skills and tactics he will use to fight Skynet. Sarah Connor But we already took care of him. She meets John's new friend Riley Dawson, and is concerned their friendship risks the family's safety from Skynet and Riley's safety. After having a nightmare about Judgment Day occurring, Sarah tries to murder Miles Dyson (Joe Morton), a computer researcher who works at Cyberdyne Systems and is destined to build the microprocessor that will become Skynet. Oh, great. : Sarah is fatally wounded by Serena as she destroys her, while Dyson looks after her and makes sure she makes a full recovery. Did you mate? Skynet creates machines to track and kill the remaining humans. Kyle Reese And I don't know which one is worse. The program will become self-aware, seize control of most of the world's military hardware (including highly advanced robots), and launch an all-out attack on human beings. John assigns his friend Jack Brock to protect Kyle, as well as becoming his foster father. In the building's basement Cameron gives her A.I. : Guardian As they head back to Paraguay, John feels like the entire journey was in vain, with he himself being responsible for Skynet's eventual sentience. He is. Sarah is nine when her parents are killed by it during camping at Big Bear Lake. Sarah and her son John (Edward Furlong) have been separated; John is now ten years old and living in a foster home with Todd and Janelle Voight, and Sarah has been institutionalized. You should have told me. You manipulated me. Yeah, we can't be wearing anything. : John finds Cameron's empty shell lying in the basement and a repeating message on the computer monitors reading, "I'm sorry, John". Sarah Connor Sarah is portrayed by Emilia Clarke. Uh, yeah, no shit! : John Connor is Sarah's future son; he sends back a trusted sergeant, Kyle Reese, to protect his mother. Sarah crushes the Terminator in a hydraulic press. In the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, an alternate sequel to the first two films, Lena Headey portrays Sarah Connor. Sarah Connor : Sarah initially resents her relationship with Kyle being dictated by fate, but she gradually falls in love with him. Kyle Reese Where did you hear that? : : In this timeline, the rise of Skynet is averted, but it dispatched various other Terminators into the past prior to its erasure from history, with the result that John was killed by another T-800 in Guatemala in 1998. In the second season, Sarah worries about contracting and dying of cancer. You wanna tell me how *that* conversation's supposed to start? I mean, you don't think you should, I don't know, maybe say something? :

sarah connor emilia clarke

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