Choosing the right Podcast equipment can be complicated - simplify it all with the new Rode Rodecaster Pro. Construction - very solid, robust. With its four Class A mic preamps, RODECaster Pro supports up to four presenters and offers easy connection to phone, USB, and Bluetooth sources. Vi er nr. The Rode RodeCaster Pro is, in one fell swoop, the ultimate mixer for podcasters on account of it being designed specifically for the medium. No Hassle Returns. Unlike a lot of USB mics, the Podcaster has accurate vocal reproduction and durability. I love the headphone jack. I like how easy it was to set up and how quickly I was using it. Master the basics of using the RØDECaster Pro, learn how to podcast, and dive into more advanced editing topics in the videos below. We have over 60 professional and semi-professional volunteers working from their homes who read the books into Sony SoundForge Home Studio on laptops and they nearly all use your mics and anglepoise stands. I totally recommend this mic! This really is one of THE best microphones on the market. Overall a great mic....definitely recommend it. mit der “Garageband” App) neue Songs aufnehmen kann. Das Podcaster wird mit einer robusten RM2 Ringhalterung geliefert. This includes personalizing content and advertising. Handling the mic - since its large and heavy, you need a solid stand. I've used a ton of different mics over the years, and if money were no object, I would have purchased one of the Neumann broadcast models ... but since I was on a tight budget for a current project and needed something fast, I thought I'd give this one a shot, knowing it would at least be good enough for a decent recording that could be processed further. The Rode Rodecaster Pro is a pretty unique piece of audio gear, because it’s designed entirely with podcasting in mind. ohne den Umweg über eine Audioschnittstelle– an den Computer angeschlossen werden. I've had to do a lot more tweaking for mics that cost many times more. We chose yours for quality and ease of use. The mic is built well ... heavy and solid ... and doesn't feel the least bit fragile. By continuing to use our site, you accept our. I was pretty hesitant to spend more than $50 on a mic (yes, I'm a complete newbie at audio work) but this thing installed on my machine (Windows 7) within a few seconds of plugging in the USB cable - no prompting or questions asked. Allerdings steht ein kostenloser ASIO-Universaltreiber namens “ASIO4ALL” zum Download bereit. The built-in pop-filter does a great job neutralizing plosives and I feel negates the need for any additional pop-filtering. That’s exciting for the medium as a whole, because it shows that podcasting is a market worth investing in. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned broadcast professional, the RØDECaster Pro is all you will ever need to create incredible podcasts. You just have to remember to go into control panel or sys pref and set the mic input and sound output to the RØDE. Analogue signal conditioning + A/D and USB interface, -51.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (2.80mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz, 1 Jahr, kostenlose Erweiterung auf 10 nach der. $229.00. Rode has updated the RODECaster's firmware with a host of new features, including: - Ability to save and load a snapshot of the RØDECaster's settings -- called 'Shows' - Podcast Transfer Mode: allows users to transfer podcasts direct from the microSD to a computer - New sound pad functionality The Rodecaster is described by Rode as “the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio”. We did extensive trials on a number of mics. Unlike a lot of USB mics, the Podcaster has accurate vocal reproduction and durability. The RØDECaster Pro features eight programmable sound effects pads for instant triggering of sound effects, music, intro and outros, or ads rolls. Take your sound to the next level with the RØDECaster Pro’s on-board APHEX processing. The world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio, RODE’s RODE Caster Pro delivers superb audio quality while greatly simplifying the process of podcast production. The colours of the rings match the colours of the RØDECaster Pro’s microphone channels. The RØDECaster Pro even provides “mix-minus” audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller (without the need for complicated external hardware).

rode podcast mixer

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