The buyer of the Hay ewes, Rob Sands from Caniambo near Shepparton, said he has bought them before. The registered ones would make great breeding rams and have good conformation, so they are $300. Ewe raised her twins on pasture with minimal supplemental feed. Because we will be short 2 farm hands by winter. 160 head per load. Gate cut  $325 hd, 350 even match Katahdin wethers for sale 70lb+ average. Sheep  Ads are limited and FREE to paid members of the KHSI. 70% Katahdin /30%dorper. All items for sale will be listed on this page in the order in which they are received. He is ready to breed now. “They are very good sheep – just big strong sheep and trouble-free.” “The old ewe price is putting a floor in it and pushing the young ewe price up as well – it has probably put $40-$50 into it this year – you’ve never seen anything like that..”. They are found below the sheep For sale Ads. Approx. $300 hd for all, $400 hd choice. One twin, one single. The sale driven by the strength of the mutton market and the current lamb prices, he said, and the demand for replacement ewes is not being satisfied. NewsNow Classifieds. $1700 for all or $200 each. Why add Dorper sheep to your Farm? One group 200 due Feb 4th. Prices from $250.00-$300.00 depending on age and size; prices good until November 15. Call Now 417-247-8730. 307-254-2582, Katahdin Hair Sheep International   |   PO Box 739, Fowlerville, MI 48836  |  Phone: (717) 335-8280. We cull 25% of ewes annually based on performance. 10/18/2020 – For Sale – South Central Kentucky, Fifteen purebred ewe lambs, most twin born from February through April, 2020. “In my opinion, they are making pretty much what they always have – it’s your old ewe plus your lamb. As a full-time hospital administrator, Mr Sands said he found it difficult to get to many sales and he estimated he paid $10 more to secure the 150 replacement ewes he wanted and for a neat single truck load. “They will get them up to 50kg or better by February-March next year.”, Your email address will not be published. It was 29 pens into the 1.5 year-old run before buyers were unwilling to pay over $400, with these ewes ranging from $338-$446 and only six pens making less than $400. (267) 530-4327, 9/26/2020 – For sale – North Central Illinois, Grass fed lambs and yearlings for sale. “They are very good sheep – just big strong sheep and trouble-free.”, “I expected to pay over $400 because an old ewe is making good money and normally it costs an old ewe plus a lamb buy a new replacement as a rule of thumb, so I didn’t like going that high, but I knew we were going to have to pay over $400 for good ones.”. Pics available at Located in Sykesville, Maryland. Livestock Protection Animal & Working Dog ads are $5 for KHSI members. One group of 165 due Jan 15th. Violet Town lamb producer John Hawkes paid $420 (183) and $432 (194) for two lines of 1.5 year-old non-mulesed ewes from Elders client Golden Wattle with his agent Shelby Howard, Charles Stewart Dove, Colac. Login / Register. Weaned 10 days, on pasture and alfalfa hay. All are enrolled in GA Scrapie program. Replacement ewes and rams for sale. Registered, proven yearling (2019) ewe. ATC Family Farm LP – Columbia Crossroads, Pennsylvania. In 2020 our flock lambed 185 percent without a roof, 25 percent of flock were replacement ewe lambs last year. Exposed to Registered RR Ram as of 2 October. Why are these ewes available? Four Hills Farms raises Katahdin sheep and sells lamb meat wholesale to grocery stores and restaurants. “I think Friday’s top sale might beat it, but not the strength of this sale right through, there were hardly any pens of 1.5 year-olds under $400.”. These highly maternal sheep add lambing percentage, milk production and mothering ability to commercial ewe flocks. One group 286 due March 1, one group 332 ewe lambs due April 1st. “It was an outstanding sale, the most outstanding yarding that has ever been in this sale and Friday will beat it. All 4 were born between December 2019 and February 2020. Elders auctioneer Nigel Starick, left, sold these Hay ewes for $446 at the Bendigo sale. Littleman was born on 9/20/19 at 8.48 pounds. He said $400 was an amazing price for lambs.

replacement ewes for sale

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