Losing a loved one is never easy. A Reflection on the Significance of Praying for the Dead. Michael Monshau, OP* The most sensible gift on the Feast of All Souls. When a co-worker, colleague, or business associate dies, the effect on surviving staff members is generally underappreciated by company management, even though the resulting grief can prove just as debilitating to the deceased's co-workers as that experienced by his or … The service should not be rushed and should include time for silence and reflection at … and reflection. In parishes where funeral services are led by a variety of clergy and Readers it can be helpful to have each of those present and taking some active part in this service, building on the links already made. Since then I've seen her reflection on the ceiling of my bedroom. Increasingly, obituary notices recommend that as a way of memorializing or honoring the deceased, the donation of a money contribution to one of the deceased's favorite charities would be appropriate. The sunlight was reflecting through a rhinestone from her shoe onto the ceiling and the leaves from the tree outside the window were forming her face and as the sun moved her face would change to different expressions. There are a lot of emotions and thoughts we have to process. We hope you have drawn strength and support from the love and caring of family and friends, and will find peace in prayer and the healing love of God. In these cases, this is usually a reflection of our own feelings of grief. These prayers, poems and reflections are ones which others have found helpful, and In fact, I would argue that the person’s energy, aspirations and wishes exist more than they did while the Soul was enmeshed in a physical body, as the physical person … Each person’s experience is unique although we can have common strands, which we call the stages of grief. If the person in your dream seems sick, injured, angry or upset, it is more likely this is NOT a true visitation dream.

reflection of a deceased person

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