You should be able to see if the residue is off of the floor. A:  Anytime you accidentally get any drops of our Floor Finish or Hardwood Floor Luster on your table or counter, even after it’s dried, you can use Windex or Formula 409 to remove it. I tried numerous products and spent 10s of hours trying to remove the polish.It leaves a white waxy film on your floors. This product was formulated to remove our Finish without affecting the original factory finish. You may have to add more solution if you notice the finish is not dissolving well. There was residue on the floor before the Floor Finish was applied. If you still have a few areas that have this build up on them, you'll need to do it again. P.S. After each coat, I had a nice shiny floor and that WOW factor. My dad was in the part owner of a very large worldy janitor service..he will tell you NEVER use these products..not on tile vinyl and especially not on wood floors!! Q:  I used the Floor Cleaner on my floors, but they are not shiny. Fortville, Indiana 46040. After letting the Deep Cleaner sit for 2-3 minutes, mop away the solution. The deep cleaner is used to remove the quick shine off your floors. Store says have to mix ammonia in warm water. This product is available online at or on our website. The safest way to remove our Finish from your vinyl plank floors is with Quick Shine Deep Cleaner. If you are using a content blocker, check to see that you have not globally turned off Javascript. Trying to apply too many coats in a short period of time, not allowing each coat to dry completely. The cost, about $8 for the Deep Cleaner and Quick Shine products vs.$3,000 from the cleaning company. Everywhere!So. A:  Our Floor Finish and Hardwood Luster are in most major retailers and some of your local ones as well. HG Laminate Gloss Cleaner 1L – a freshly scented laminate cleaner which gives laminate flooring a glossy shine 4.3 out of 5 stars 738. Required fields are marked *, 309 Business Park Drive My son decided to surprise me while I was out of town and applied 5 coats of Quick Shine to "restore them". Auparavant je l’avais lavé le nettoyant Quick Shine. J’ai utilisé le Quick Shine, sur mon planché de bois, cela a été très satisfaisant, j’étais très contente. If you are looking to give your floors a shine or to revive your hardwoods, you can use our Quick Shine® Floor Finish or Quick Shine® Hardwood Floor Luster to give your floors that WOW factor. I need way more then a cleaner; I need something to remove it without damaging my floor and my respiratory system. Thank you so much. A few minutes later it began to dissolve and all I did was to use my small rollaround vacuum to suck up the liquid off of the floor. I'm not sure if you realize or not that Quick Shine has a deep cleaner. I've tried everything I can think to of to remove this product from my floors including a Shark steamer, floor scrubbers, Windex, vinegar and water and nothing has worked. A:  This is a common misconception. We are always happy to help! Holloway House is a family company and we are always here to help! As a result, I contemplated un-retiring and starting my own flooring cleaning business. Click below to answer. Can you use Quick shine floor cleaner on granite floor? Maintaining is easy with our Quick Shine® Mops. We recommend using Quick Shine Deep Cleaner. The plank floor isn’t supposed to be shiny anyway☺️. The same applicator pad used to clean your floors is being used to apply the Floor Finish; 4.) We have ammonia and white vinegar on hand. Your email is kept private. Quick Shine® Floor Care products are fantastic tools to revive and keep your floors looking new again! There is a product called Quick Shine Deep Cleaner. Get product updates, promos and tips right to your inbox! If you have any other questions, please feel free to browse through our previous blog posts as you might find a topic covering your needs, or you can also email or call our Customer Service M-F at 1-800-255-1891 from 8am to 4:30pm EST. At 88 years of age, however, and even though this was an easy job , I am not sure I could do this on a daily basis. Sign up for quick cleaning tips, exclusive discounts, and shiny product updates sent right to your inbox! Simply apply the Deep Cleaner and let sit for 2-3 minutes, then mop away the solution. It is also crucial that you lift instead of scoot to avoid leaving scuffing behind. What did I do wrong? We are always happy to help! Hi Sylvia, November 1…..I faked my husband to clean our new vinyl plank floor and he accidentally used Quick Shjnex.

quick shine ruined my floor

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