It's only 190 calories and will bring you back to 100%. S'mores Protein Bar (Quest) Another cinnamon roll flavor to add to the list. Calories. In my opinion, the cereal bar was a better option. 4g net carbs per 200 calorie 60g bar 8% of calories from net carbs (Yellow) 1g Sugar. Free Shipping: Orders between $65 - $199.99! Chocolate Flavor Cereal Bar. 1 bar. With only 200 calories, this Quest bar also contains 4g of non-fiber carbs; however, this one is probably my least favorite, sorry pb & j lovers. PB&J fans, this one's for you. Don’t Get it Twisted, These Questified Soft Pretzels are Loaded with Protein. It happens to be what I reach for when I'm needing a little pick-me-up. Quest Nutrition Protein Bar – 180 Calories. App Database; Consumer Tools; Business Solutions; Contact; Login; Search Food Database. Oatmeal chocolate chip with only 190 calories? Apple Pie Protein Bar. Quest Protein Cookies got a makeover! But what if those cheat days aren’t enough for you? It contains 170 calories of pure joy. It is delicious & healthy! 20-21g of high-quality protein, plenty of fiber, low carb, soy free, gluten free, no added sugar. Unlike the other Quest Bars, this one doesn’t really have anything interesting about its texture. Now, when it comes to snacking, you're a little more educated. You can order Lemon Cream Pie Quest Bars from Amazon here. Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bar. It is delicious & healthy! Browse a list of all products from Quest Bar. They offer +20g of protein and sub-5g of sugar. Quest Bars are low-carb, PROTEIN bars…and that is all, which they do quite nicely (they are not “nutrition” bars…whatever that even means). Take a bite and find out for yourself. Through my confusion and half hour detour, I wondered how many extra calories I was burning. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for quest bars and over 2,000,000 other foods at Also coming in with 170 calories is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar. 1 bar. 20-21g of high-quality protein, plenty of fiber, low carb, soy free, gluten free, no added sugar. 190. You really can't go wrong with anything chocolate flavored, in my opinion; and this bar is no exception. A huge "YES" to this 190 calorie piece of perfection. These bars, however, are made of 190 calories. Go. 1 bar. Probably the hardest Quest Bar photo to find on Instagram, Peanut Butter Supreme contains 200 calories. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. Quest Peanut Butter Cups satisfy your sweet tooth with less than 1g of sugar, 11g of protein and 1g of net carbs per serving. … That email doesn't look right. Skip to main content . This Banana Nut flavor is 180 calories of perfection. Calories. Mocha Chocolate Chip: D 4g net carbs per 180 calorie 60g bar 9% of calories from net carbs (Orange) 0g Sugar. The first time I ever bought a Quest Bar, I walked around Walmart for about 30-minutes because they weren't with the granola bars, like I had originally thought. White Chocolate Raspberry is 200 calories of pure happiness. 1 bar. This 190 calorie Quest Bar is life-changing. You can't go wrong here. : Calorie breakdown: 23% fat, 41% carbs, 36% protein. I sometimes use this 180 calorie flavor as a substitute for my morning coffee. Visit our instagram page to see more ONAQUEST. Protein Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. This fan favorite is only 190 calories. This one comes in with 170 calories. This is one of the best for after a workout. Love your Quest? Quest protein bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 1 bar 190.0 calories 20.0 grams carbs 9 grams fat 21 grams protein 14.0 grams fiber 5.0 mg cholesterol 0 grams saturated fat … It also contains 110 calories of deliciousness. Birthday Cake Flavor Protein Bar. Browse a list of all products from Quest Bar. I'll be honest, I wasn't excited to try this particular bar. There are also six brain nutrients — MCTs, omega-3s, flavonoids, vitamin E, choline and lion’s mane — and the bar has only 160 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar. Hero Bars are new to the scene, but they are worth all of the hype they've received. With only 190 calories, Coconut Cashew is coming in hot. *, Sign-Up Today: Exclusive Discounts & Specials. The S'Mores flavor Quest Bar comes in with only 180 calories. Can you believe it? RXBAR. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, This Is How You Can Avoid Cavities, According to a Dentist, A Ranking of Bottled Smoothies, Strictly By Nutritional Content. 1 to 10 of 7299 for Quest Nutrition Bars. Toggle navigation Toggle search bar. Quest somehow does it with this flavor. It also tastes delicious. Happy snacking. Second to last, with 200 calories is the Chocolate Caramel Pecan Hero Bar. You can't find an actual apple pie that can do better than that. Chocolate Brownie – 6/10. Food Search. The Strawberry Cheesecake bars is another personal favorite. Peanut Butter Supreme: D-5g net carbs per 200 calorie 60g bar 10% of calories from net carbs (Orange) 1g Sugar. It's the perfect post-workout snack. It only has 110 calories, and it's a personal favorite of mine. Page 3. Makers of the #1 selling Quest Bar! Products Products. Buy Now. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. It's a must try. Nothing says summer like a Lemon Cream Pie Quest Bar. And at only 160 calories and 5 grams of fat per bar, this has one of the best nutrition profiles. Average. What’s to love: Have you heard the expression “eat fat, get thin”? Like both of the other cereal protein bars, the cinnamon roll flavor also contains 110 calories of deliciousness. However, I'm glad that I did. Peppermint Bark Protein Bar (Quest) Per 1 bar - Calories: 190kcal | Fat: 7.00g | Carbs: 22.00g | Protein: 21.00g Nutrition Facts - Similar. Makers of the #1 selling Quest Bar! There are 180 calories in 1 bar (60 g) of Quest Birthday Cake Protein Bar. If you're looking for a delicious bar for breakfast that is low in calories, reach for the chocolate flavor cereal bar. Quest fans love their bars, cookies, chips and pizzas, and we love our fans. Product Name. This Quest Bar is worth all 190 of its calories. Database > Grocery Brands > Quest Bar; Quest Bar. It is just as delicious. * Sign-Up Today: Exclusive Discounts & Specials. Protein Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough FLavor. How can anything Double Chocolate Chunk flavored only have 180 calories? 200. Visit our store locator to track down all 4 flavors of our pizzas. To answer the question, here is a ranking of Quest Bar Calories. quest bars nutrition facts and nutritional information. This particular flavor only contains 180 calories. Learn how to plan your keto snacks and meals, and other tips from registered dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick. If you're looking for a delicious bar for breakfast that is low in calories, … Nutrition (of a Quest bar Cookie Dough flavor) Calories: 210 Fat: 8 g Carbs: 21 g Fiber: 17 g Sugar 1 g Sodium: 290 mg Protein: 21 g. Nutrition. I don’t need a recommendation for a low-carb “protein” bar that has 8g of protein and 34g of carbs. Enjoy the same soft & chewy cookies with a brand new look. Only 190 calories? Product Name. Make it a monthly order and enjoy 10% off and FREE SHIPPING! Try our sweet & chewy Hero Bars with only 1g of sugar. You tryna be tricky? However, it's worth the extra calories. Yes, please. Browse a list of all products from Quest Bar. No lie, this 170 calorie flavor taste just like a jelly donut from your favorite donut shop. With 210 calories, Rocky Road comes in last on the list. This Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar is next in line with only 170 calories. Delicious shakes simply made with 11 ingredients. You sure must be missing a delicious strawberry cheesecake, aren’t you? 170. Quest Nutrition Bars Calories and Nutritional Information. Vanilla Almond Crunch is exactly what dreams are made of. Calories and nutrition information for Quest Bar products. There you have it, a definitive list of Quest Bar calories ranked from lowest to highest. Free Shipping: Orders between $65 - $199.99! Serving size: Per bar (Cookie Dough flavor) Calories: 288 Fat: 10 g Saturated fat: 3.5 g Carbs: 33 g Sugar: 4 g Sodium: 131 mg Fiber: 27 g Protein: 22 g Version #2 – White Chocolate Raspberry. RXBAR lists their ingredients on the front of their bars in large print, each ending with "No … If you’re staying strictly to your healthy meal schedule, you might have your cheat days. It's a 10/10 if you're looking for a healthy cinnamon roll substitute in the morning. Gluten Free, Soy Free, Zero Added Sugar, High Protein Bars, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Healthy bars, Cookies & Cream Quest Protein Bar Trust me, you have to try this one. I'm currently obsessing over anything blueberry flavored. Instead, they were with the vitamins. Intersting, right? Strawberry Cheesecake: F+ This led me to thinking about the Quest Bar calories that I would be eventually consuming (if I ever found them). This is my favorite after class snack. This bar comes in with 170 calories.

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