Similar to grapes, a large percentage of wood (up to 70%) should be removed each year. One year later, I harvested lots of great-tasting fruits. Proper pruning of newly planted kiwi vines, along with ongoing annual pruning for both male and female plants, helps increase fruit production while improving the health and shape of the plant. It was helpful to see you doing it and how to pick the branches out. Kiwi vines need annual pruning to develop small fruiting branches known as spurs. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Do most of the kiwi plant trimming in the cool season while the plant is dormant. Kiwi is a vigorous vine that quickly grows out of control if not grown on a solid supporting structure and pruned regularly. My vines are growing on an arbor I build especially for them, though I wish I had made the arbor larger. PS I’m in East Anglia in the UK and it seems to love the climate here. The first year after planting, select the most vigorous shoot that is straight, designating it as the permanent trunk. We just bought a farm with probably a 40 foot long kiwiberry vine and are attempting to figure it out (I think it is a hardy and it is in the state of washington). Summer Pruning Established Kiwi (Hayward variety) Summer Pruning is essential to maintain a semblance of order, spacing, and light access to the fruiting wood. Only one plant is necessary if a self-fertile cultivar is selected, otherwise plant male and female cultivars to … The Summer Pruning of Kiwi Plants. One minor challenge with kiwi vines in cold climates is their tender leaf buds want to unfurl very early and they’ll often get zapped by late spring frosts. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Not to go on a tangent, but really its folks like Mike Levine, Ken Asmus, Marc Boone, and so many others who have made this path of fruit exploration so much more accessible for me as a young orchardist, and for that I’m very thankful. (Cat … Kiwis grow on vines, similar to grape vines. Kiwifruits need lots of pruning — the right cuts, of course — for best bearing and best flavor. I am fairly local, Saint Clair Shores, Mi, and I’d be happy to let you come out and see producing kiwi vines (though I freely admit that I do not prune well, or often). Actinidia arguta male. Hi Lee, Pruning helps to establish a strong framework for the vine, balance growth with fruit production and develop the type of open canopy that uses light efficiently. Related Plants. Kiwis grow on vines, similar to grape vines. I am so excited for the day that my vines come into production. ( Log Out /  Proper pruning not only controls the size of the plant, but also increases the yield, so knowing how to cut a kiwi vine is an essential part of growing kiwi fruit. If you’re going to plant hardy kiwi(which everyone in the north should ASAP) it seems very worthwhile to take the time to train the vine to develop a single trunk system, and then manage the cordons each years to maximize their fruiting potential. DON’T WAIT, plant your kiwi vines today. Now I realize that these plants weren’t managed under a careful annual pruning regime. One year later, I harvested lots of great-tasting fruits. Another reason I’m so adamant about hardy kiwi is how late they ripen in the season when not much else is available; from a resiliency and season extension standpoint this is prime. Its called spur pruning. Ours is loaded with old wood underneath the main trunks, and loaded with previous growth above that expands out quite a ways. Thank you for these informative and direct instructions. Out of all the uncommon fruits, like pawpaw, black currant, and jujube, to name a few— hardy kiwi seems like one that really has the potential to catch on and to be sought after by the likes of many, not just foody fruitnuts with crazy palates. Pruning: Due to the hardy kiwi’s vigorous growth, pruning is critical to maintain a balance between vegetative and reproductive growth and to allow for sufficient light penetration. Don't lose heart, though, because they can be pruned back into a usable shape and will produce delicious fruit within one or two growing seasons.

pruning hardy kiwi

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