Plus clean up woes get tossed with the bag. Concerning boneless turkeys: How did they walk? Even boiled meat can dry out if you cook it to too high a temperature. And she stuffs it. Turkeys are generally a minimum of around 8 pounds or so, whereas you're going to want a 4-5 pound bird. —kmack at 4:30PM on 11/10/11. Bad for the oven and bad for the turkey. Fresh will give you better texture, but frozen is obviously easier to store long-term. What you want is a two-zone indirect fire, where all of the coals are piled on one side. If I were trying to bring him over to the gravy side, what recipe would you suggest (white and/or brown gravy)? This easy pie dough recipe doesn't require special equipment or training. —coppertone24 at 7:56PM on 11/10/11. —ItsMeCoffeeGirl at 5:49PM on 11/10/11. What should one look for when selecting a turkey e.g. This is how I do my gravy every year. If you want your skin extra crisp, you can carefully flip the bird (ha) and place it directly over the coals for a few minutes at the end. Cooking turkey in a bag sounds strange, but its benefits are legendary. Even with a flavored brine, very few flavorful compounds actually make it into the bird. You could also spike the gravy with chili if you'd like. If you've got a butcher worth his salt, he'd be happy to do it for you. If the latter, then no, obviously stuffing is the best part of thanksgiving. Will removing the back from the turkey will cause the turkey to cook quicker? I've never brined before so I'm freaking out a little bit. What about utilizing some of the awesome fall produce? Some of this comes out as it cooks. Orange tilapia retains its moisture because it is cooked in a parchment paper pouch. Everything's a trade-off. Normally I'd say about half a pound per person, but this is Thanksgiving and leftovers are almost mandatory, so I'd go with at least 3/4 of a pound per person. Plus clean up woes get tossed with the bag. It's worth it for the flavor, and to support the small farmers trying to keep these birds around. Finally, jack up the heat, paint on the glaze, and throw it back in the oven until it's crisp, painting it with glaze a couple more times as it crisps up. I do brine the turkey overnight, but I barely get any gravy at all. Even a fresh turkey in a cryo-vacked bag should last several weeks under normal refrigeration, so I pretty much always go with fresh. —Charlene Melenka, Vegreville, Alberta. Of course, vegetable gratins of any kind always feel celebratory. My tried-and-true recipe never fails to win me compliments. too much? What are the pros/cons of cooking a turkey in a bag vs roasting? It'll take around 3 to 4 hours for a 10 to 12-pound bird. Let it rest at least half an hour under foil, then carve and serve. That's about as much as I know about Jewish cuisine. (BitchinFixins at 4:57PM on 11/10/11). I buy a natural, organic turkey with minimal processing and no additives. —nothernspy at 7:50PM on 11/10/11. What kind of turkey-dinner-ish meal can you recommend for a single person, coming home after 7pm on Thanksgiving? Isn't it the BEST part of Thanksgiving? I rarely find the need to do anything to it other than give it a good sweet glaze and make sure the skin comes out nice and crisp. The skin should be easy to tear, not rubbery or leathery. It's a great, easy, festive seasonal dish. You can always flip half way through roasting, but that's about as much fun as trying to wrangle a pit bull's favorite toy away from him while wearing sausage-stuffed pants. Here's a full guide on selecting and cooking a holiday ham. Throw on some gravy and a good salad, and you've got a Thanksgiving meal not quite fit for a king, but certainly fit for a single person coming home after 7pm on Thanksgiving. I'd use straight up crème fraîche because it's got some nice acidity to balance out its richness which should give you a more balanced sauce than straight up cream. This will concentrate its color and its flavor and help you avoid the purple sauce. You could always stud it with cloves, or flavor the glaze with some festive ingredients like, say, cinnamon and allspice. I don't have the newest issue of Cook's so I couldn't tell you exactly how they do it or if it can be scaled down, but here's a recipe for braised chicken legs which highlights a technique that would work just as well with turkey legs. As for Peking Duck forking for turkey, there are certainly elements of the recipe which would help. I pulled it at the right temp and let it rest while I threw my casseroles in the oven. See above. Certainly it's not going to help maintain a moister bird—the notion that cooking in a moist, steamy environment leads to moister meat in the end is utterly false. TL;DR version: the key is to first slowly render all the fat out of the skin by slow cooking, then to cook it until the collagen in the skin has completely broken down. Some people are devoted to cooking turkey in a big roaster with a lid. —annet at 7:39PM on 11/10/11. —RobC_ at 3:59PM on 11/10/11. And simple but elegant citrus salmon en papillote gets its flavor (and its fancy name) from the parchment-paper cooking method. I've already purchased coal rails, so i've got that covered. Or is it pointless to brine it? If your mom cuts them off, hoard them like gold. What is the most efficient way to get the maximum amount of gravy into my mouth? Why is gravy so amazing? If you see something not so nice, please, report an inappropriate comment. mains other than tofurkey. Do you have any suggestions for cooking turkey parts sous vide (or any other Thanksgiving stuff sous vide)? Paper is not recommended for any of these recipes. How long is the minimum brining time? A turkey roasting bag doesn’t just lock in juice and flavor-it contains the mess for easy clean-up. See the responses above, and if you have a rotisserie, Josh Bousel has a wonderful recipe for rotisserie turkey. If your coals start to die out in the middle, feel free to add a few more during the cooking process. Cover the dish with foil. I usually do this with chicken and then make a quick sauce with the pan goodie and creme fraiche. Is it ok to just ask? Just ask! —Jim-Bob at 3:55PM on 11/10/11. My question is about the brine. That should go very nicely with duck. My wife can never get enough butternut squash and ginger soup during the fall. The USDA says when cooking a frozen turkey, you should expect to extend the cooking time by at least 50 percent. The key to great grilled turkey is to build the right kind of fire. Or should I measure the temperature in a different place with a spatchcocked turkey? A good vegetable stock (I use a mix of lots of onions and celery, some carrots, a tart apple, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns (plenty), fennel seed, coriander, a star anise clove, and plenty of garlic simmered in water for an hour), along with some soy sauce and marmite or maggi seasoning. With a very thick roasting pan and an oven that doesn't circulate all that much, it's possible that if you turn the breast to face down that the sides of the roasting pan shield it from much direct heat, allowing it to cook more slowly and gently. When I went to slice my bird, the breast near where the wishbone would have been was completely raw! I've tried to cook my bird on the grill before, but it ends up being a bit too dry.

pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag

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