The size of the college is wonderful-- you'll never have a professor who doesn't know who you are. I received a stellar education in an environment that helped me truly develop as a leader and as a man. They have everything from light saber club to a cinema club, with everything in between!Read 1,210 Reviews, Freshman: I have just started my process into Emu's program for nursing and I'm also getting involved in their soccer team. You are able to learn about anything you are passionate about and can even make your own major! I simply love this school- of course it is not perfect, but no school is.Read 418 Reviews, Junior: William & Mary is an amazing school, and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful peers, professors, and others who have made my experience so great. The school’s historic significance also shows in the architecture, such as the Wren building, a structure built by famous British architect Christopher Wren. (To ensure validity, this is coming from an upper-middle class white male not in a frat). As for scenic nature, the state’s stunning beaches and majestic mountains make for perfect mini getaways on weekends or academic breaks. My nursing professors are extremely accommodating and understanding, and they really take feedback to heart. Overview. Yes, it is very very strict, but you will be more prepared than any other person that did not attend. Last semester, I had a class in one of the newer classrooms. A critical mass of the student body falls within the specified group, low and middle income students pay a reasonable net price, the school participates in tuition relief programs for veterans, and the school's overall Niche Grade is above a B-. I am waiting on my state's two year transfer grant to apply to my account and the finance office didn't work with me very much. Tutoring sessions have all been helpful. However, as a computer science major it is difficult to get out of class tutoring. Teacher Certification Degrees » Best Schools for Education Majors » Virginia Teacher Colleges and Degrees Online Guide. The class size is smaller so you're able to connect to the other students and the teachers easier. The professors also lend a helping hand for things that do not involve class work. The only thing that I think needs improvement is the financial aid and finance offices. Three United States Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Tyler, received their education at William & Mary. In 2015, 7,942 students graduated with students earning 5,861 Associate's degrees, and 2,081 Certificates degrees. The professors are extremely nice and cooperative with assignments. Virginia Economic Development Partnership Visit My academic experience at Regent University has been well-rounded, and has equipped me with the foundational tools needed to become a real-world leader in today's workforce. Despite what rumors may have indicated, most of the students are incredibly friendly, academics are superb, the town of Lexington is adorable, extracurriculars are treasured by nearly every student. My Hampden-Sydney experience was phenomenal. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, commonly called Virginia Tech for short, is the third largest university in Virginia, with an average of about 31,000 undergraduate students. Looking for a college in Virginia? The academics are challenging, but not overwhelming. (To ensure validity, this is coming from an upper-middle class white male not in a frat). The quality of life is unparalleled, from the first meal I got as a freshman there till the last laugh I shared with my peers. I've got nothing but good things to say about the professors and people I've met here at UVA. In 2018, Architectural Digest included Dartmouth on its list of 50 most beautiful colleges in America—so yeah, that quote tracks. The school continues to increase its offered degree programs, which has prompted me to consider graduate school. Explore the list of top colleges in Virginia below to begin your college search. Don't expect to come here and not do any work... the low retention rate is because of freshman who either drop out mid-year or they don't come back for sophomore year. Academics at Roanoke are no joke! With 21 of the 30 buildings on the campus listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, Sweet Briar’s architectural elements complement the natural beauty of the grounds. Many of the buildings on the main campus at Virginia Tech incorporate Hokie stone, a stone found in Virginia that is mainly grey, with streaks of brown and pink running throughout. Overall really proud to be a hokie! Wilson Hall, named after former President Woodrow Wilson, is the centerpiece of the university’s main quad, and students spend their free time on sunny days hanging out on the university’s expansive lawn. One aspect that disappointed me was how dominating greek life is on campus and the VAST majority of frat bros/girls are rich white people who are very cliquey. One area I really find lacking is with advisors. In addition to expanding job opportunities, a college degree can also lead to more lucrative professions. Founded in 1836, Emory & Henry has the distinction of being the oldest higher learning institution in Southwest Virginia, and the Central Campus is listed on both the Virginia Register of Historic Landmarks and the National Register of Historic Places. University of Virginia is not a campus, it is the “grounds” instead. The instructors are very helpful and my student success coordinator, admissions advisor, financial advisor, and anyone else I need are just a quick call or email away. Destinations / October 26, 2016 by Patricia Keppel / 34 Comments. The largest institution is Liberty University, with over 110,000 students. Despite what rumors may have indicated, most of the students are incredibly friendly, academics are superb, the town of Lexington is adorable, extracurriculars are treasured by nearly every student. Last semester, I had a class in one of the newer classrooms. It did not have the best buildings or food but it makes up for it through the ability to feel at home. The community is nice and comforting and anyone would be glad to attend the University of Mary Washington! The scenery around the school is very beautiful and it helps you focus as a student. Worth every penny even if the food really isn't, though it does always have staples and things you can make yourself which helps (plus coffee is coffee). Students must take the initiative in order to have a great college experience just like at any other university. It was originally my backup school, but I loved it so much and everything fell into place. They have many resources at students disposal to achieve the success they desire. 2021 Best Colleges for Computer Science in Virginia. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. There are clubs and different activities on campus so that everyone can find their niche group of people who have similar hobbies/passions! You meet so many people from all walks of life, getting a feel for how to interact with people in the real world. It is easy to find friends or people to relate to. It is considered "cool" to be smart, and students at W&L work and play hard. There's not much in Farmville, except some really great nature spots, so most of your fun is on campus (get involved).

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