Save verbs and adverbs for your action plan. Use nouns and adjectives to name the result. }�ySJ�SզMU4!�"���6���u06� �w�l@�̫�����4�x��Kb��c��`��'�N���]#E�Ҥ�&MUe���Ъ��QZ(��5�T�gl����u,�5gu�������Υ`Tm�͛���?��M���c���IX=�\�*|���Ex \V��@kc��Yp�:iJ�5K���j>�����X��u���5��}��!����,�C�I��� kFR��9��Yf u�K�Gf�[x�P,��E$Ф�^���"���h��%�R �v��I�-���G��Ir�l*2tRj��4�i��0��6��3Sd6�)��F!a`���R2�Sè����QRd�#|�m3 �����sQ�Z0H͗�͍̊ާ��}�Q�' #i��T� >PRPvBqy���0G�W�M8��;������Z'�I+��o֒�l� Assemble . Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology University of Georgia. Consider: • A learning objective describes what the learners will know or be able to do as a result of participating in your educational program. It includes an easy to understand definition of verbs and explains the importance of using powerful and effective verbs to improve writing. Compare . Your learning objectives should reflect this content and the designation. Examples of verbs that relate to the Comprehension domain are: This level focuses on the ability to use information in new ways or situations. SMART Objectives Job Aid Job Objective Pointers Don’t describe your work, drive your work. The learning standards at this level ask the learner to demonstrate understanding of the meaning and ideas by organizing, comparing, translating, summarizing, or paraphrasing. Compute . Critique Learning objectives will be developed for your session in cooperation with ASHP. How much your audience trusts your suggestions 3. presentation that address a CE activity with 3 learning objectives. Examples of verbs that relate to the Application domain are: This level consider to be a higher order of thinking. Contrast . Carry out . ENGLISH TEACHING RESOURCES: ACTION WORDS - VERBS Includes:. This will help the audience to understand your objectives. The categories are ordered from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract. Bloom’s Taxonomy classifies thinking according to six cognitive levels of complexity: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The way I see it, the objectives slide is arguably the most important one of the lot. This is the lowest level of learning. How you prioritize your points and structure your presentation 4. Cite . By creating learning objectives using these verbs, you indicate explicitly what the learner must do in order to demonstrate learning. Examples of verbs that relate to the Evaluation domain are: Our mission is to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to enable individuals and teams to perform to their maximum potential. Realize that a dull objectives slide will set your entire presentation up for failure. If your program is intended for both Appreciate the value of writing clear and measurable behavioral objectives. h�bbd``b`���@�����WA?�`�A�q�Dh �x ��$Η1012��I#�3J}0 ^ endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 223 0 obj <>stream The following lists of verbs are provided to help recognize the levels of thought and to help you write learning objectives that address the various levels of skill your learner should attain. One of the most popular assignments among students of different educational establishments is the design of a presentation, which in turn requires the skill of how to write objectives for a presentation. The End The participants leaving the presentation will Presentation Objectives Matter! The learning standards at this level simply ask the learner to recognize and recall data or information. Convert . How your presentation ends – i.e. This is the lowest level of learning. Classify . As students learn, they start with the knowledge level and progress through the hierarchy. Arrange . Assist . Combine . Re-evaluate objectives they have written and work to enhance them. Verbs that impart skills (These would be hard to test for on-line) The learning standards at this level simply ask the learner to recognize and recall data or information.

presentation objectives verbs

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