To remain profitable, a poultry farming business requires top notch management. SmartBird is a poultry farm management online app for both the commercial poultry farmer and small scale backyard poultry keeper. The poultry farm business is generally lucrative and if run properly, and complemented with a good poultry farming software, it offers great potential for its shareholders. It will help you to increase profits by making data analysis easy. Our poultry management software focus on egg production (broiler farm), chicken breeding (breeder), feedmill, meat … Drinking water accounts for 70–80 percent of the bird’s daily drinking needs. Poultry Farm Management is best solution to manage all necessary accounting and farm management transaction that are made on day to day basis. This software allows to define unlimited farms location with different houses in each farm and separate flock defining for each house. An abundance of clean water will reduce challenges and maximize performance. The poultry management system for sale in Livi is full-automatic and it is really suitable for poultry farming industry in a large-scaleand high density. With this Egg Stock Register and Flock Performance Reports of each and every Flock of your Farm will be in your pocket Anytime Anywhere. Poultry software is based on SAP Business One is complemented with a good poultry management software, it offers great potential for the poultry industries. Livi poultry management system is a modular system which manages all aspects of a poultry house: climate, temperature, feed, drinking, weighing and ventilation. ORES is beneficial to either a real estate agent or customers. As a result, water is the most critical nutrient for poultry. You can control the feeding system, watering system, manure removal system and climate system by the self-service terminals without going to operate the system one by one personally and thus it can lower the cost on labor. The poultry farm management system from Livi machinery is intelligent electrical cabinet system, which is an automatic system and especially suitable for the standard poultry cage system. POULTRY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. This Property Management Software can be used to store and search the property portfolios. Keep track of eggs collected, bird weight, feed, vaccinations and treatments, mortality, income and expenses and much more Water management. Track production, management and finances of your poultry farm. Poultry management software makes good business better. Poultry will generally consume more water than feed. EasePoultry is a Poultry Management System to monitor Flock Performance easily. A poultry business can focus on … The ERP systems of the chicken processing plant offer analyzes which help in decision making. Online Real Estate System (ORES) is web based Property Management Software that use to search, enter and edit property portfolios by Estate agents, customers or guests.

poultry management system

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