Add to a toasted or grilled sandwich. It’s fruity, tangy, spicy and packed full of flavour. It’s easy to make, most of the ingredients you probably have in the house. Chutney is a savory take on preserves. Serve with leftover cold turkey as a post-Christmas or Thanksgiving treat. For me this is a perfect Christmas recipe. It also balances the flavors in richly flavored meats like lamb or game meats. If you’re a fan of chutneys, you have to try this recipe! It’s a great traditional accompaniment to cold meat. Grilled figs. Easy Apple & plum spiced jam/Chutney. It includes vinegar and lots of spices. I prefer recipes like this one that can be completed in under an hour and have less than 10 ingredients (most of which I grow myself). Apple Chips. 5 Great Uses for Plum Chutney. Make Chutney. Pumpkin cream soup with turmeric and … 19. Beware, though, as it will get very hot! Chutney pairs well with ham, smoked turkey, and other smoked meats. Plum chutney is perfect for the festive season, as you can make it in advance and unveil it at the perfect time. I love plum chutney - we still have a couple of jars of the 2008 vintage I made. Serve with a cheese board for added spice and piquant contrast. You may be familiar with baked brie or cream cheese with chutney … Christmas Ideas FoodDecor Gifts, Recipe by thebendyfork November 26, 2020. Plum chutney recipe. Vine tomatoes with ricotta and basil foam. Use it as the starting place for unique appetizers. Plum Chutney. It makes 2 jars so there isn’t any waste .Plus it … Venison Rillettes. I've never thought of it as a main ingredient but it often finds its way onto the plate - as an accompaniment to cold meats or curries but, for first choice, on a cold roast pork sandwich. Plum Chutney.

plum chutney uses

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