PUGLIA FULL DOME STUCCO WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVEN. The oven opening and dome height ratio are 0.83, which is quite high, as the ideal ratio is supposed to be 0.63. Just need to build the shell. This allows you to cook not only pizza and bread, but you can even use your oven to rotisserie larger items. Making pizza at first, then in the same accumulated heat energy a big roast with veggies and after still baking breads or cakes with 10 friends, wood oven of internal dome size: 82 - 90cm x 90 - 100cm (32 to 35inch x 35 to 39inch) will do perfectly. The Puglia full dome stucco pizza oven is handmade in Europe using the triple insulation technique. One thing to keep in mind is that, to maintain the ~63% door height relative to the dome, a lower dome means a lower door opening. Dome Height- Traditionally the dome height (DH) was set by its relation to the entry arch (EA) for efficiency of burn. Height of the door and the chimney outlet is 63% of the dome height (opinions vary online, but it looks like 60% to 65% is all feasible). Higher values than 0,63 mean that the opening is too high or the dome is too low. I have looked at lots of pictures, and it seems that people are placing the firebrick floor of the oven at about 13 courses of bricks high. The Puglia full dome stucco pizza oven has a wide and tall set of two doors. (30 inch wide/15″ high oven needs a 9 1/2″ tall door or thereabouts). I wish I had thought this through better, but I will turn lemons into pizza pie. So, ours is 75cm diameter which means a 37.5cm radius and therefore dome height (assuming you’ve made an accurate dome!). Hi Folks, I am trying to figure out the correct stand height for a wood fired oven. The simple equasion for an oven = Height of arch = 63% of height of dome; Height of dome = 50% of hearth diameter; In other words if your internal hearth measurement is 32", then the height of your dome is 16" and the height of your internal arch is 10"....or thereabouts. This could result in a premature escape of hot air from the oven, which means less efficient combustion and bigger wood consumption. If you had a restaurant wood pizza oven in mind, ovens with internal dome sizes of: Glad to hear the 13.5 inch dome height is found on similar sized ovens. The interior wall is brick and refractory cement. When I built mine (42" Pompeii), I wasn't really up on the Neapolitan design, and more into bread than pizza, so the oven has evolved over the years. This means you need a door height of around 24cm. Basically, I have the cart, insulation, chimney , 1.5" firebricks and custom cut 24x36x1.25 baking stone. The height of the dome and door both affect the air circulation and heating, making its measurements essential. The equation would be DHx66%=EA so a dome height of 450mm would have an entry arch of 297mm . This no longer applies to every oven especially bakery ovens which have a relatively low dome height.

pizza oven dome height

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