This exhaust fan needs to be properly sized to move enough air out of the work area. The booth dimensions are 25'W x 50'L x 20'H. If you have a crossdraft booth, they will be located on the opposite side from intake filters. We have installed hundreds of automotive paint booths across the country. Let us help you redesign your existing shop or customize a new design for your location today. Paint Booths. However, this type of design results in poor air flow and circulation. Gravity Feed vs Conventional (Siphon) Feed Spray Guns. An exhaust plenum is a mechanism through which air is exhausted from a paint booth. When building your paint booth ventilation system, some key pieces of equipment to invest in include: Fans We are considering crossdraft without air replacement. The ventilation system must be running at all times during and after spraying. We also offer both bi-fold and tri-fold doors that you can add windows too. Air moves through the booth either vertically or horizontally. The two main details that cannot be overlooked are stall count and forward flow. They’re located in the ceiling of a downdraft paint booth and in or near the doors of a crossdraft booth. As air passes through the booth and towards the exhaust filters, uniform airflow collects overspray around the finishing product and moves particulate away from the spray environment. Our automotive paint booths are equipped with hip roof and side mounted 32 watt 4 tube Class 1 Division 2 inside access fluorescent lighting fixtures. Exhausted air should not be recycled back into the spray booth as this can cause contamination. Design It is recommended that the stack extend a minimum of 6′ above the roofline or as required by local codes. Stage 3. The exhaust chamber includes a filter system that captures particles before they enter the atmosphere. An exhaust fan draws air out of the working chamber in the paint booth and pulls it through the exhaust filters and exhaust chamber. Additional lighting can be added as requested. Be sure to ask for an upgraded LED quote today. Power tools and heavy-duty equipment all abound in the shop environment, but perhaps one of the most dangerous areas of the body shop is the paint booth. Fans are housed in iron phosphate processed steel with an acrylic epoxy paint finish. 12345 North Main Street New York, NY 555555, Web: OSHA: OSHA states that paint booths must be designed to filter out flammable contaminants and move air currents toward an exhaust for proper ventilation. The exhaust fan that PULLS the air out of the Standard Tool’s paint booths is a tube-axial exhaust fan. When you take these details into account with proper planning, even the smallest shop can be configured for maximum productivity and profitability. Call us at 1-800-637-4027. The fumes are removed from the area by use of an exhaust fan. There must be some sort of independent exhaust system in place to discharge outside of the building. Hire us as your design consultant today! Among them include: Regular spray booth maintenance helps to prolong the life of your spray booth, improve your quality of work and protect your employees. The ventilation system must be running at all times during and after spraying. Stacks should be the same size and diameter as the fan. Double-wall booths are constructed of two layers of 20-gauge steel and insulated in the middle. A cast iron sheave is factory installed. The amount of air a paint booth exhausts will depend on the style of paint booth. There are many different styles and options in the auto lineup, from single- and double-wall, to drive thru and solid back. The paint booth that I converted from an old TV cabinet is complete. EPA: The EPA has very specific guidelines regarding spray booth ventilation. All our spray booths are designed to efficiently remove airborne paint particles and harmful overspray vapor from the working area of the spray booth.

paint booth exhaust design

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