Sort By Sort By… DFM800R/DFM2000. Every makeup air unit is designed with heat/bake cycles and cool down cycle. What Air Make Up Units Are Air make up Units are air replacement systems for spray booths. Paint Booth Air Makeup Units Heat Air Makeup Units are designed to optimize booth efficiency, safety and operator comfort through precision-controlled heat circulation. Air Make-Up Units. AFC offers a full range of air make up solutions to pressurize your paint booth and provide precise temperature control. Whats people lookup in this blog: Air Makeup Units For Paint Booths; Air Makeup Unit For Paint Booth Automotive Paint Booth Heated Air Makeup Units - 12,600 CFM Most Productive and Efficient System Our standard heat and cure system features include a Variable Air Volume System (VAV) and Automatic Booth Pressure Balancing System (AB) which make our air makeup units stand out from the rest. Outdoor makeup air units will be weatherized to handle all types of climates. China heated paint booths with proper amount of air flow from paint booth air makeup units aei booths china paint spray booth room with air makeup units on the roof air makeup unit for paint booth saubhaya. They provide heated air to the booth that is equal to the air that is removed due to your exhaust fan running. Air make ups can also be equipped with advanced controls to allow for the booth to add a bake cycle to your painting process. Consider that small booths can have a negative airflow of 10,000CFM, while larger booths can reach 50,000 CFM or more. Heated Air make-up units. BANANZA AIR MAKE-UP/HEATING UNIT B1000 - UPRIGHT (Shown Above) AVERAGE COST FOR B1000 (W/FREE SHIPPING): $16,999 Includes: Base Unit, Motor, Filter Section PLEASE CALL FOR QUOTE TO VERIFY PRICING 888-853-9992 Rohner Heated Makeup Air Units, or MAUs, are designed to meet your most demanding finishing and refinishing requirements, seamlessly integrate or retrofit with any of our Rohner Paint Spray Booths, and can be used for building makeup air where multiple booth/process applications are occurring. Incoming air duct can be designed to enter the side plenum area, the top of booth or the end of the booth. Adding a spray booth inside your plant or shop can wreak havoc with your HVAC systems. Direct fired recirculating air make-up unit utilizing AFC’s proprietary, highly efficient superheating cure technology.

paint booth air makeup units

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