Waltraut Skorzeny was the daughter of Otto 'Scarface' Skorzeny, who rescued Benito Mussolini from the partisans towards the end of the war. Skorzeny also was the possible organizer of "Die Spinne" (spider) which housed high ranking Nazis in South-American countries via Spain and Italy. Skorzeny was a master of guerrilla warfare and one of Hitler's most decorated soldiers. SS Lieutenant Colonel Otto Skorzeny was an extraordinary military man who specialized in guerrilla warfare and commando-style raids during World War II.He mounted numerous operations with varying degrees of success that involved either the rescue, kidnapping, assassination, or defense of numerous wartime leaders in Europe.. As a result, he became Hitler’s favorite commando and dubbed … True Stories? He had a scar on his left cheek from a … Camping. Skorzeny with his daughter Waltraut in 1950, image - WW2 Gravestones. In 1950 he took residence in Madrid. In one of these he received a cut to the face that left him with a permanent scar. Skorzeny is supposed to have played an active part in organizing the escape of former SS soldiers from Germany within the so-called organization Die Spinne, the Spider, similar to goals of the Odessa organization, but obviously because of the secrecy of the organization itself they know only partial data. Otto Skorzeny was a well-known commando and special forces operative who was dubbed “The Most Dangerous Man in Europe” during World War II. Unprepared Adults Lead Scary Camping Adventure; Unprepared Base Camp Hiking An engineering student, he fought 15 ritual sabre duels as a young man. Before the war, he was a civil engineer and a member of the Austrian Nazi Party. July 2, 2007. Menu. Skorzeny was born in Vienna, Austria, on June 12, 1908. Otto Skorzeny was a legendary Waffen SS commander of World War II. Early 1949, he arrived in Argentina himself. In 1998, 29 year old Eric Bermen of Florida began dating a local girl whose 6'-4" ninety year old father possessed "the largest hands I'd ever shaken," he said.

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