Playing next. Easy to set up. Also, keep your neck in its neutral position. How To: Oblique Floor Crunch. Oblique Floor Crunches: Legs Crossed Twisting Crunches. Lie on your right side with your legs straight, feet stacked, and your right arm extended in front of your chest on the ground, palm down. Form: Exhale as you lift your shoulder blades off the floor. When you get half way up, start to rotate your body so that your left elbow moves towards your right knee. Report. Browse more videos. 1. Benefits: The focus here is on side flexion of the obliques, and on going as far into the end range of motion as you can. Strengthening your oblique muscles requires heavy workouts and of course, crunches. Remember to lift your shoulder off the floor as you crunch in. Marching Bicycle Crunches. Don’t tuck it in as you crunch. Floor exercises therefore, become very important for women. Now that you know what obliques are, you’re ready to develop them. Oblique V-up. Stay tune and enjoy videos prepared. But, everyone cannot perform crunches or similar exercises for long. All you need for reverse crunches … 0:34. SixPecs was build to inspire you to have a healthy and awesome lifestyle.We are dedicated to deliver awesome video contents throughout your training. Oblique Crunches - Fitness Training For Females - Start with this simple crunch variation if you have a weak core. Reverse crunches also activate your transverse abdominis, the deep muscle below your abdominals, and your external obliques. The reverse crunch is when you lie flat on your back, tighten your abs, lift your hips off the floor, and then crunch your knees inward toward your chest. Starting Position: Lie on your back with your right leg crossed over your left knee and your hands behind your head. A reverse crunch is one of the most basic of ab exercises. Oblique crunches, also known as twisting crunches, are a commonly used abdominal exercise in which you do a basic crunch while twisting the upper portion of your body and bringing each elbow to meet an opposite knee, each time changing the direction in which you twist your body. It helps to strengthen your lower back, hips, and spine. It activates your rectus abdominis and oblique muscles. Crunches of various types are effective in building good muscles in and around the stomach, and sternum area. 5 Oblique Crunches for a Stronger, More Muscular Core.

oblique floor crunches

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