The pupils of a nocturnal animal eyes get larger to let in more light in darkness. Armadillos were first noted in Alabama in the 1940s around Mobile County. 4. This website provides different links to nocturnal animals. They are extremely curious animals and close-up pictures of raccoon faces are common on camera-traps. Alabama is home to 62 native mammal species, of which more than half are either rodents or bats. The U.S. state of Alabama is home to these known indigenous mammal species. Since then they have expanded their range to 59 of Alabama’s 67 counties. The name is somewhat misleading, however, for while many carnivores live mainly on fresh killed prey, others are omnivorous eating a great deal of vegetation. They can carry disease including rabies. The students will find out new information and look at different pictures. Most of them are harmless to humans, though it’s always good to be on the lookout for attack squirrels and the like. Raccoons can be found statewide in Alabama. Felis rufus is common in Alabama and throughout the United States. The diversity of Alabama spans common mammals, such as opossums and hispid cotton rats, and some of the rarest species in North America, such as the Perdido Key Beach Mouse.Six species are exotics that have been introduced to the state, and four mammal species are now no longer found in … You sometimes see the scat they leave behind, but if conditions are right, you may stumble upon some tracks. Virginia Opossum Virginia opossums, a predominantly nocturnal scavenging species native to the southern United States, sport a white head and predominant long, furless pink tail. They are mainly nocturnal and will forage for food at night … They lurk in the thick brush, hide in the trees or are nocturnal and only come out at night. )Discuss with the students that most nocturnal animals have special eyes that reflect light to help them see. We have our share of creepy critters. Carnivores vary greatly in size and appearance. Animals are around us in the woods, but we often don't know they are there. Bobcats are mainly nocturnal animals but can be seen feeding along wood lines or agricultural fields in the early morning or late afternoon before dark. Take a ride on just about any road in Alabama and you are likely to see an armadillo belly-up on the side of the road. Historically, the state's indigenous species included one armadillo species, sixteen bat species, thirteen carnivore species, six insectivore species, one opossum species, four rabbit species, twenty-two rodent species, and three ungulate species.

nocturnal animals in alabama

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