Our flexible courses allow you to control your own schedule. P, "Since most LPN's are going on to persue the RN degree and become members of the ANA, what's the point in them fighting for us??? And you know what??? I don't know. Still not very good and slow as Christmas but what the heck I'm getting there and so will you!! Do you feel that the Excelsior program isn't an option for you??? The idea keeps haunting me. It would be difficult to get back into the swing of things, and they love to eliminate people. Get up! It is sad to say but...... Women seem to be too accomodating. We are here to help every step of the way. I'd probably be the first to go, maybe not. In fact, we are the organization that is responsible for the legislation that provides for the licensure, and education of practical nursing in the United States. American Nurses Association (ANA) 3. Absolutely nothing for absolutely nobody. Then to go on and get the cr@p they dish out to Rn's to me is not worth it...It's all so frustrating. There are approximately 750,000 LPN`s in the US - what is WRONG with us?We are a substantial part of the healthcare system - we need to act like it! Identify the components of the health care system. So no...going back to school to just do more of the same...just doesn't appeal to me. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. NFLPN offers gerontology and IV therapy exams, and NAPNES offers pharmacology and long-term care certification. It's all political bullsh!t!!! She has answered promptly on 3, and I am waiting for the 4th. The most they ever had online in one day was 5! I emailed privately--never got an answer there either. Like the fact that it takes MONTHS to get your membership card...even after paying with credit card! Set standards for vocational nursing/ Promote and protect vocational nursing/ Educate and inform the general public about vocational nursing. But I started out in the business world in another life, and I was VERY good at it, I don't say so myself...:chuckle. I too have considered going back for a R.N degree but at 41..... the amount of time it would take me part-time is about 7 years. Best Wishes, Mattie Marshall, LPN President, NAPNES The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Not to mention the cost financially, it works out to be about 25,ooo.oo canadian! Whichever format you choose in order to gain your certification, it is important that it is accredited and complies with the requirements of the state in which you intend practicing. patients feel more confident when a nurse can easily be identified. Benefits of a professional appearance. WOW, 26 years!!!!!! When I first bought my computer which was two years ago, I went to this website and it was under construction... Half the site is under construction! We encourage you to register as a guest member by clicking on the signup link above. I'm just disgusted with it all and at 47, going back to school is probably a waste of time.". ", Excellent information - thanks! Specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac. In its 67th year, NAPNES is the organization providing the forum, the meeting place, and the decision makers who set the standards for educating licensed practical/vocational nursing. It's under construction anyway and has been for the past two years!!! LOL P, by (What a rush for me! She says it's geared so that you have to keep taking the courses, Maybe what she really ment was, "I keep failing them so I have to retake them." He left Microsoft two years ago, and has been doing contract work under his own company. Questions? Purposes of NAPNES and NFLPN. National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN) 2. another 50 years...I guess they're in no big hurry. Hey, Brownie! I think the more the desire grows in you, the more you will be driven to do something about that desire. I know plentyof LPN`s wo are "lifers" - like myself. Today, I Will Kill Myself! I used to frequent the NFLPN a lot back a couple of years ago, But when folks would ask questions directed at those in control of the organization, many times NO ONE would answer it. Now most entry levels are at the BSN levels. Additional NAPNES Online Certificate Courses Coming in 2020. It's easier............Will this stir something up? GOOD! AND I don't even want to start in about my State association....I quit sending my dues in long ago--what an ineffectual bunch of .....well, never mind. LoisJean and Brownie, are you going back to school? I'm sick of the political junk..You want more scope of practice??? I must say that I am enormously pleased that I have gotten her attention in this matter. ANA. He also teaches a course he developed himself, and will soon be placing his course onine. They accomplish this through a variety of means including continuing education courses, educational programs, special healthcare-related events, recognition awards, and informational newsletters for members. Night Owl,Get in school just as fast as you can! American Journal of Nursing. I don`t know yet how active the NFLPN is re: MSS legislation, but if they see us nurses getting actively involved, it will certainly further our cause. Nflpn Vs Nalpn. I encourage anybody interested to do the same - WE can - and will - make the difference, if we only try! They used to have some regulars on the there...but I don't even see them anymore. The Ballard school on Brooklyn, New York. I'm just disgusted with it all and at 47, going back to school is probably a waste of time. Get up and get going! YES...I remember now! You might be surprised where it takes you. Excelsior is soooooo expensive. You'll have lots going for you already being an LPN , I started from nothing. Pretty soon folks, there will be no more LPN's. NAPNES is currently redesigning our web sites for greater user convenience and more robust delivery of education and services, as well as interactions with members and non-members alike. No I have never considered it, but I'm taking a online course in Medical Administration. Everything always boils down to politics, IMHO. spotangel, BSN, MSN, DNP, RN, APRN, NP. National League for Nursing (NLN) 4. Purposes of NAPNES and NFLPN. I think it is disgusting the pay we recieve and the lack of utilization. The NAPNES and the NFLPN offer online and onsite certification options for LVNs and LPNs. You got what it takes--I hope you go for it soon. They have just this year changed the setup there, and you can't find any posts ealier than when they changed the site. I just hope they wait until I retire. I emailed them once, and NEVER did get a response!

napnes and nflpn

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