Find Subwoofer Packages with Enclosures in Car Audio - "Subwoofer Packages". MTX engineers competition grade subwoofers that will both satisfy and last. 6900. Great for subwoofer boxes and other installations, these 12” MTX car subwoofers are an easy choice. 10-3/4" 10-3/4" Cut Out Diameter: 13-7/8" 13-7/8" Sealed Enclosure Net Volume: 1.5ft 3-2.0ft 3: 1.5ft 3-2.0ft 3: Vented Enclosure Net Volume: 2.25ft 3: 2.25ft 3: Speaker Displacement.24ft 3.24ft 3: Volume Displacement (SD x XMAX) (in3) 135.77: 135.76: Tuning Frequency : 34Hz: 34Hz MTX 12" Car Subwoofers Information MTX carries a range of 12” car subwoofers for the bass you have been looking for. BassSlammer 6900 6 inch x 9 inch Unloaded Wedge Enclosure Pair. MTX also offers 6" x 9" enclosures for getting extra performance from your full range 6" x 9" speakers when mounted on the rear deck of your vehicle.

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