The one main difference between red curry vs green curry is the colour as a result of the varied contents that go inside the curries! Red Thai curry is made of 20 red chillies. • Red curry and green curry are two of the most popular curries used in Thai cuisine that is famous for its soupy dishes. The East India trading company brought back a mix of dried spices that dubbed curry powder, and it became a major craze. You just know it tastes good. There are people who say that green curry is the hottest in Thai cuisine, but it is not true and often depends upon the personal liking of the chef making the curry. Filed Under: Food Tagged With: Green Curry, Green Thai Curry, Red Curry, Red Thai Curry, Thai Green Curry, Thai Red Curry. • Most other ingredients used to make these curries are the same. The only place they differed was the chillies used to flavour it, giving it the right kick and bite, which those curry lovers crave. All rights reserved. Because of the sheer versatility of this dish, you will find that red curries have almost anything added to them, but traditional recipes include chicken, duck, pork, beef and a wide variety of seafood including shrimp. It is an entirely common association to make. Coming from Engineering cum Human Resource Development background, has over 10 years experience in content developmet and management. Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms. Indian curries originate from India in the period where it was colonised and occupied by Great Britain, all the way back in the 17th century. Fresh turmeric is invariably added to get that golden red hue in the curry. All traditional Thai curries used to make with the same list of ingredients. Indian curry favours dry spices, which eventually evolved into the curry powder that you will find in your local supermarket. Whenever the word curry comes across, people think of hot Indian curries that are very popular all over the world. But Thai cuisine typically uses fresh ingredients or pastes instead. Coconut milk is the liquid base that is used to make the paste of all the ingredients. However, the ingredients remain the same. What is the difference between Red and Green Curry? But what does this mean for us when we are talking about green curry vs red curry? Because of all of this talk about curry, you might have been thinking about India. Finally, a touch of basil, Thai green eggplants and lime leaves add both to the flavour and the colour. The East India trading company brought back a mix of dried spices that dubbed curry powder, and it became a major craze. • Red curry makes use of long dried red chilies, whereas green curry is made using fresh green chilies. @media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } It is only natural to associate the fiery hue of a red curry with heat, but the green chillies used in green curries tend to have far more of an impact on the dish. Over time, however, other ingredients have been added to the curry pastes to enhance each recipe, making them more distinct from one another. Green curry is very popular in Thailand and fish dumplings, beef, and chicken are commonly served in green curries. That is because the main ingredient in a yellow curry is turmeric, the same ingredient that gives Indian curries their distinctive colour and flavour. What are the differences between all the types, especially, in the period where it was colonised and occupied by Great Britain, all the way back in the 17. century. • Some believe green curry to be hotter than red curry. But now you’ve got a hankering for knowledge as well as delicious food. After all, the vast majority of countries around India and China rely on rice as a staple of their diets. It gives a bright and sharp flavor. Mais les termes curry rouge, curry vert et curry jaune sont associés à la cuisine thaïlandaise et ces currys colorés sont un aliment de base dans toute la Thaïlande. Genuine bird chillies are much smaller and far spicier than the varieties that UK supermarkets often mistakenly label … The biggest difference is that the red curry uses dry red chillies as a base for its paste, whereas green paste requires coriander roots, green chillies and is much sweeter. Red curry was made with several red chilies for a fiery hot dish, while green curry was made with green chilies and yellow curry was made with yellow chilies. In Thailand, these chilies have slightly different taste characteristics in addition to their color. The fresh ingredients deliver more of a kick. Unlike what you’d expect, Thai green curries are hotter than red curries. Standard green Thai curries are fish, chicken and beef, though more modern curries might include such exotic ingredients as pizza and spaghetti. So what exactly is a curry? It means sauce for rice, which probably explains why so many countries have their varieties of curry. But the terms red curry, green curry, and yellow curry are associated with Thai cuisine and these colored curries are a staple food in entire Thailand. In comparison, red curry is spicier and more savory compared to green curry. When we are talking green curry, we are only thinking about one place – Thailand. Green curries are also the more ‘traditional’ Thai curry, in that it is closest to the original recipes and differs the most from curries of other countries. What is the difference between Red and Green Curry? A green curry in authentic Thai cuisine will always be hotter than a red curry and the heat will also differ between the regions, green curry from the South of Thailand (excepting the tourist areas) tends to be much more fiery due to the addition of Bird's Eye chillies. Another huge difference is the amount of hotness one can expect to encounter when eating red curry and green curry. However, despite similarities, there are differences between red curry and green curry that will be highlighted in this article. All these are mixed well to make a fine paste and also to give the curry its characteristic green color. If you are like me, you probably don’t know the differences between red and green curry. This green color is because of the inclusion of a paste of green chilies that make this curry as hot as red ones. The fiery heat from the chillies are toned down by the coconut milk, but you could even scrape out the seeds and inner white flesh from your chillies to create a milder paste. Thai yellow curries are comparatively rarer than green and red, mostly because it is. Some other common ingredients in green curries in Thailand are green eggplant, shrimp paste, garlic, lime rind, lemongrass, shallots, etc. Bear in mind that one thing and you really can’t go wrong! Red curry tends to be more versatile, while green is more unique in its flavors. Copyright 2017. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites, So what exactly is a curry?

red curry vs green curry

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