I have not yet received it. You will be under the same sacred obligation in connection with this token and sign as you are with the other tokens and signs of the Holy Priesthood which you have received in the temple this day. JEHOVAH: It is well, Peter, James, and John. The remainder of the Endowment is conducted from an audio recording.). (The Lord gives the Second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood.). (Witness Couple comes as before.) Then return and bring us word. You may now remove the robe. ELOHIM: Inasmuch as Eve was the first to eat of the forbidden fruit, if she will covenant that from this time forth she will obey the Law of the Lord, and will hearken unto your counsel as you hearken unto mine, and if you will covenant that from this time forth you will obey the Law of Elohim, we will give unto you the Law of Obedience and Sacrifice, and we will provide a Savior for you, whereby you may come back into our presence, and with us partake of Eternal Life and exaltation. (The officiator raps the mallets three times.) LUCIFER: If thou cursest me for doing the same thing which has been done in other worlds, I will take the spirits that follow me, and they shall possess the bodies thou createst for Adam and Eve! MICHAEL: We will return and report our labors of the Fourth Day, Jehovah. The Celestial Room is lavishly adorned with mirrors, a crystal chandelier, lush chairs, sofas and carpeting, all in light beiges and off-white hues. I will now explain the covenant and obligation which are associated with this token, its name and sign and which you will be required to take upon yourselves. (Peter approaches Adam and shakes his hand.). JEHOVAH: Michael, we will place seeds of all kinds in the earth that they may spring forth as grass, flowers, shrubbery, trees, and all manner of vegetation. You were informed that it will be a shield and a protection to you inasmuch as you do not defile it, and if you are true and faithful to your covenants. (As Adam prays, Lucifer approaches from behind out of the shadows.). ELOHIM: It is well. What is that? We will call our labors the Second Day, and return and report. ELOHIM: Adam, because thou hast partaken of the forbidden fruit, the earth shall be cursed for thy sake. Please be alert, attentive and reverent during the presentation of the Endowment. Those of you who are familiar with the ceremony will recognize these changes which do not affect the substance of the teachings of the Endowment, nor the covenants associated therewith. LUCIFER: Now is the great day of my power. This is the navel mark. Through the one on our right, he asks us certain questions, through the one on the left, we give our answers. May you be blessed of the Lord in the selfless service which you give in His holy house. Observe conditions there, and learn whether Adam has been true to the token and sign given to him in the garden of Eden. NARRATOR: All the brethren will please arise. ELOHIM: If any of you have not received this token, you will please raise your hand. They are radiant as before, and their voices resonate as they speak.). When he was placed upon the cross, the crucifiers drove nails through the palms of his hands, then fearing that the weight of his body would cause the nails to tear through the flesh of the hands, they drove nails through his wrists. Take some fig leaves and make you aprons. Peter, James, and John, go down to Adam and Eve and their posterity in the Terrestrial World, and give unto them the Law of Consecration, in connection with the Law of the Gospel and the Law of Sacrifice, and cause them to receive it by covenant. President Joseph Fielding Smith said the following about the value of the endowment in our daily lives: “If we go into the temple we raise our hands and covenant that we will serve the Lord and observe his commandments and keep ourselves unspotted from the world.

mormon endowment ceremony

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