; Weapon Names in bold are the final upgrade(s) to that Weapon Tree. You really can’t go wrong with just about any Safi’Jiva Insect Glaive, though. Nor does it have quite as much sharpness. While the Fenrir Storm does have the second highest Affinity in its class, you’re going to need every bit of it for Master’s Touch — to make up for its abysmal sharpness. Check Out How To Beat New Frostfang Barioth! The Insect Glaive will have new attacks that can be made while jumping. Insect Glaives tend to burn right through sharpness, making an armor loadout with Master’s Touch (which keeps you from losing sharpness any time you crit) into a godsend. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. ; Weapon Names in italics can be crafted from the Forge Weapons menu. Includes recommended equipment, elements, decorations, skills, & more. Airborne raises your jumping attack by 30% as well. That means you can modify it to hell and back with Custom Augments. MHWorld. Since Blast is easier to proc, given its unique ability to build up in any monster without dropping, it’s well-suited for the less consistent buildup afforded by Kinsect powder. 97% Upvoted. Yeah the endgame build is a complete lie, i built it the slots arent even acurate, the skills half of them arent even there and the incect glaive concept is good but its an absolute lie. For this video, I am bringing you my personal comfort setup for the Insect Glaive. it's not quite fourth gen insect glaive, but it's better than base world insect glaive. New Actions and Combos. But it’s almost never something you want to rely on. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Water Insect Glaives don’t have quite the spread as some other elements in this weapon class. You can now consider them for (almost) all elemental weapon choices in the game. Life-stealing augments, armor bonuses, a Health Booster, or good old fashioned items are much better ways to keep yourself healthy. Speaking of Kinsect speed, you probably want the Foliacath III Forz. Only Cruelty, another Fire Insect Glaive with hidden element, has the absolutely absurd 35 percent — plus a Level 2 slot just like Blossomajesty. chest and kulu vambraces. Not to mention both glaives can fit Custom Augments — allowing you to easily goose the Hydros Arcana for more Water damage. 138 comments. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Even when you get hit, Health Boost and Divine Blessing will help you out. If you have some Safi’Jiva parts laying around, though, you probably want to make the Xeno Shmaena +. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.. Icescepter Information. But you have to sacrifice a lot of utility to draw that hidden element out in the first place. Although a few Insect Glaives stand out more than others! That can pair well with either Master’s Touch or a set with Critical Element. MHW: Iceborne - Walkthrough & Guide. 7-minute read. #MonsterHunter #MonsterHunterWorldIceborne #Iceborne Here's a look at the new moves for the Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Pairing this skill with Weakness Exploit will allow you to deal massive amounts of damage when aiming for monster weak spots. Insect Glaive Weapon Tree in MHW . But what really sets it apart is the 20 percent natural Affinity on top of all that. The Dragon IG I used in the base game was the Behemoth one, but since that no longer seems to upgrade in Iceborne, I find myself in the position where I need to choose a new Dragon glaive entirely (even if I can't finish it now I'm trying to plan out ahead of time so I know what paths to start). For a list with only the weapons in the base game (up to Rarity 8), see the Monster Hunter: World Insect Glaive Weapon Tree. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This is just an all around good fire Insect Glaive. We cover builds for the Kjarr Water IG, Kjarr King IG, Kjarr Decay, and many more! The Insect Glaive (IG) deals damage through a a combination of the … *Following information are Monster Hunter World's best loadout, not Iceborne. Falling onto enemies and attacking them can stagger the monster and Kinsects can follow up with attacks of their own. That way you can get a little extra oomph against every monster with whatever weaknesses. That’s thanks to the weapon’s fast, consistent damage. This is good news, since there are so many Kulve Taroth weapons to choose from. Close. Weapon Names in italics can be crafted from the Forge Weapons menu. Icescepter is a Master Rank Insect Glaive Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne.All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Before the like of Teostra on Master Rank, the Nargacuga set can be used to boost your Sharpness bar. Our personal favorite Thunder Insect Glaive comes from your standard Zinogre. As one of the quickest and agile weapons in MHW it is also the only aerial weapon in the game that allows you to … Plus it does nearly as much raw damage as Ruinous Catastrophe and has the same Dragon damage as Stygian Oblivia. With the Critical Status skill equipped, the chances of applying a paralysis are very high!

mhw iceborne insect glaive

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