It is an adaptation of the American TV series The O.C., created by Josh Schwartz. Dear Mert, just a minute.- No, there is not any minute. I have my pencil Let it be a spare, I said all the prayers I knew to these ones. Do you see what that vile man did, in what a state he put us. All Actors and Actresses from lead role to a simple role . When the company starts it's activity all the lands around it will be damaged. Everything is alright , not so? I didn’t stay there anymore so that you don't get i difficult situation.. -that nervous friend,which came while I was leaving. I also offer my apologies to you young man. What’s that man, was it your pistol?-No, man , no relevance. Of course just a kid.. is not aware of the risk. We’re at my place, it’s the surprise event, you also come! I will be happy until there will be justice done.. Giray, don’t you understand, I can’t go out in another way. What happened? Mom, please, for God’s sake let this subject be closed, please! No…OK I have to close now. Are you available?- Yes, tell it my baby. I still admire you like in the first day. At the end his family will give him the necessary punishment. Let’s see what the other doctors say.. Actually, Yaman is a good guy who has a potential to be successful in school life if a chance is given to him. Your email address will not be published. I wasn’t having fun, I was working otherwise I would come. I will inform both of you when he gets out. Go before a tragedy happens from my hands... Take your looser and go- Whom are you calling a looser? Required fields are marked *. People are playing with a ball at school. At least let our communication bond be solid, take it brother! No my sister is not going to be there., they will come tomorrow. None of the answers you would give now could be an answer, that’s why I thwarted you to talk with Orkun. Hike up your things and go away from here then! Create New Account. But when your mom met your dad was 5 years elder than you. I found a job for Ayse. In a situation like this the only thing I am going to lose will be time. He said the friendships end is to lose a friendship. Shortly let’s say the conditions weren’t suitable. or you will be killed by an unknown hand Giray.. I am not after anything. everything is under control , let's go .. Mira won’t think that you are unfaithful anymore! I went mad instantly. We have the whole rapports about the tragedy and destructive effect to those who live around. But this time is real. Let him be at ease. Why, is it a story to be ashamed of?- hello it's my ,Yaman. Orkun’s issue tampers my head since this morning. Ahhh !Rreally ? I will make you pay for this, don’t forget!- I won’t see you next to these people again! To wacth episode 6. Stupid!- Get out of my house, get out! According to him, because he knew that Yaman didn’t like Orkun so much. I will go to your grandpa’s office, called me. I wish you invited him. You know Selim is impulsive, he exaggerates the things. I offer my apologies to you Yaman, I am very sorry. Your email address will not be published. Let me see you, don’t make me angry anymore. Selim Serez, nice to meet you! In fact Gamze will arrange somehow the time to spend money but…, Nice to see you! You’re a lion dad, you’re a king, you’re a lion king. where is season 2 with english subtitles????? I missed you so much- I also missed you a lot. Wow Mr. Asim, are we together for the dinner, how nice! The day after tomorrow she will say to her mom and her dad “Giray, Giray”... then even if it comes out that I am stone-broke, there won’t be any problem. Orkun and Mira will get married. Man, stop it. If the only solution for this disease is getting used to it, we will get used to it. The theft issue which you mailed Faruk about…. I have just come, I didn’t see your friend. What happened, are you jealous about Mira’s disease my lambkin? When Mira’s state is like this. I took my dad’s weapon because we would be passing through the forest street. Ah..The girls are making a party, how sweet! I will clean this smear which was done to Yaman, on my own. or. Because the answer to that question can’t be “No” and it shouldn’t be. Turkish Series Links. We met with Mert by the seaside and he wanted me to bring his scooter. Only you accepting me it’s not sufficient anymore. Our only chance to meet in peace is tonight. He wrote that Orkun did it. Mira and them return tomorrow?-Yes but don’t be excited or something like that now.Concentrate only in your exam now. Here you are, after the silence starts this video. No, I am not going anywhere, I will just take my belongings from the place where.. You were right. -Until now i never looked after somebody else's girlfriend... -There is this ( plastic guy ) Orkun in your life.. -Then i will tell you if i missed you or not... Today everything turned into a mess because of the theft incident…. - no objection … what was your promise? Swear man? Okay, my girl? While they are trying to steal a car, they are arrested by the police.

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