Its ride position is fully adjustable electronically from the driver’s seat and coupled with hydraulic cabin suspension, creates an exceptionally smooth ride. All controls on the McCormick X7.660 are well laid out, easily identifiable and all within easy reach. The easy clean cooling package leaves no excuses for an overheating tractor. Both the left and right doors are a massive single piece of glass hinging at the rear. Sell your equipment on This will be great when using a variety of implements with varying hitch heights and for fine tuning PTO angle. For the detailed test, pick up a copy of New Farm Machinery magazine when it hits newsstands on June 22. ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. Built in Italy, the X7.660 is and distributed in Australia by Clark Equipment. Every time I engage it, I jam my fingers between it and the seat causing much discomfort. Subscribe to the magazine using the buttons below to never miss an issue. It is nice to see that the colour matching has been adopted for the electrohydraulically-controled remote valves as well. The transmission can also be placed in autoshift mode allowing the tractor to automatically select the appropriate gear after calculating ground speed, engine revs and load. The McCormick X7.660 is ready to launch an assault on the Australian market boasting full chassis, front axle suspension and enough electronics to send it to the moon. Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? Select a model below to view detailed reviews, specifications, photos and information. Built in Italy, the X7.660 is and distributed in Australia by Clark Equipment. I certainly can’t criticise the look of the X7.660 — its striking red colour and large … Regarding cleaning, the radiator mounting assembly is definitely one of the best I’ve seen and prompts me to give the X7.660 its first big tick of approval. McCormick has opted for a high-quality ZF transmission. The people at McCormick are fun to work with, well some of them! There are currently no benefit reviews for this company. Takes forever to become their employee. The Pro Drive transmission also has creeper speed, which when engaged operates in the first four ranges, effectively increasing the number of forward and reverse gears to 40. Under normal circumstances it generates 165hp, 123kW, and is capable of boosting up to 175hp (130kW). I worked at McCormick full-time for less than a year. While the PTO engages really smoothly every time, the levers occasionally need a bit of a shove to get them into position. Repetitious steps can also be programed into the headland management system to reduce driver fatigue. The McCormick X7.660 has double wishbone independent front hydraulic suspension, one feature that perhaps will raise it above some of its more rigid competitors. 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask An Interviewer. The production associates and the hourly employees all understand their job and what needs to be done to satisfy … If you fail to do this before leaving the cabin, the transmission will place itself into neutral automatically. The cabin roof seems low as I make my way in but once in the seat, there is heaps of head space. We use it year round for haying and pulling a Kirby big bale feeder. Pushing down and releasing the foot clutch will reengage the gear last used. Changing up or down through the four powershift gears is very smooth but there is a fairly substantial lag time while the gearbox transitions from one range to the next in both directions. It has been a decent tractor, I wish it was a Case with the 5.9 Cummins but we were one year too late and had to settle for the McCormick instead. Copyright © 2020 Are Media. Being an electronic system means the valves more often used can be assigned to buttons on the handgrip.

mccormick tractor reviews

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