Back to IR: International Relations. LSE is a private company limited by guarantee, registration number 70527. When you MT LT ST The steps required to edit/create your reading list on ReadingLists@LSE are explained in detail in the pages which follow. Here it is – all 44 pages. Reading List: 6 Recommended LGBT+ Reads from LSE Spectrum for #IDAHOBIT2018 May 17th, 2018 MSc SRM Preliminary Reading List . WC2A 2AE UK . Sincerest form of flattery and all that. Inspired by Alice Evans’ bookification of her course reading list, Tom Kirk and I have turned the reading list for our LSE course on advocacy, campaigning and grassroots activism into a course manual, adding more background, a summary of each week’s content and seminar questions, among other things. Browse Hierarchy IR450: International Political Economy. London. L S E Di g i ta l E th n o g r a p h y Co l l e c ti v e Re a d i n g L i s t S HARE D DO C - Ma r c h 2 0 2 0 Link to edit reading list: The broad steps to editing and publishing your list are below: 12. ... London School of Economics and Political Science. Houghton Street. If you wish to do some preliminary reading in advance of your MSc, please see below for the recommended reading for each module. Lists linked to International Relations of the Middle East. Ensure that you have been granted editing rights for ReadingLists@LSE. Title Sort by title Term Last updated Sort by last updated; IR419 - International Relations of the Middle East

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