/ Trend Tv The Best Alternative To Dstv / Do I Need A Digital Aerial For A Smart TV. Was watching TV and screen just faded to black sound remains. Question Vizio P75-F1 TV shows logo then goes black. Sony flat TV screen is broken worth repair? Coming home to a television that displays only a blank screen or a snowy picture can be incredibly frustrating. When you see lines on your TV screen, move on to other channels to check. Logo comes on upper left for few second's then fades to black. My LG TV displays black and white all the time, on any source cable, tv, etc. The LG panel is an advanced product that contains millions of pixels. Picture quality is perfect but only displays black and white. My LED TV screen was damaged due to hard hit. Disconnected everything gave the back a good vacuum noted was dusty near some of the ventilation slots. How to change black and white color tv to color tv again,actually someone pressed the button from remote so i dont know how to: Change the color back: I have a silo 42 inch LCD I hear sound but the screen keeps changing colors. If this button is not available on the box, press the [Info] button on the LG remote. Those dots are deactivated pixels and do not affect the performance and reliability of the TV. This guide will walk you through the steps to find exactly where the problem is, and do what you can to correct it with your LG Smart TV. Question Can this TV be repaired? Mitsubishi DLP stuck on Welcome Screen Repair Advice: Solved! Please help. I tried plugging in my dvd player or any game consel same problem. If the lines are also found on different channels, try changing an input. You can also run the picture test. Repair help? If the TV is receiving 480i resolution, you will need to contact your provider to adjust the … (1) LG TV - Troubleshooting Horizontal or Vertical Lines (webOS) [Narrator] Lines appear on my TV screen what do I need to do. Thank you. In a very few cases, you could see fine dots on the screen while you’re viewing the TV. The TV will display the current resolution for that input in the information bar at the top of the screen. Any ideas on what to do: lg 24'' led tv, how do i change picture from black and white to color with DVD player connected For sometime i heard what sounded like spinning disk, i dont know if these tv's are equipped with a color wheel??? Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / TV/Movies / Satellite TV Technology / Help My Lg Smart Tv Displays In Black And White When Connected To Dstv Decoder (13079 Views) Canal Sat, Ctl, Metro And Other Cheap Paytv To Dstv For Watching Sports. Cracked tv repair: Haier tv Model 40E3500 picture not coming on, don;thave repair manual: Solved! Had same problem with a LG 5510.

lg tv black and white screen problem

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