<>>> 3 0 obj Leadership Philosophy that Emphasizes Trust by Colonel Gregory H. Penfield United States Army United States Army War College Class of 2014 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT: A Approved for Public Release Distribution is Unlimited This manuscript is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Strategic Studies Degree. endobj endobj It’s about building strong teams who work together for a common goal. endobj stream I was asked recently what my leadership philosophy was and how I exemplify these qualities in my work and community. aF�/_�~�������G����|q}}�/���|T/�������r�������[:���Gw���)������K�{'m�ڮk�I�^=�������G�������4�����w�^�B��I�v����7wֽ�So�+�)�@~���Y����?��'7?�~sW�j9�|^�{�ߚ�wP��'����U!�1U����T���.�VYwR�ٟ/��ow�+m2���g+��Ƅ�Sަ�Ԅ8�RV���ՙd��˂���eo�5�j�YC��O+WV�W�)(��������w�����[Y9L����?N�W�^~��껯�$���sV����.v��'W!�`����7W_/��\֋�o�^ce/��qs z�k�s"%�U��9����I��I�bYR�Nu�5���R����^Iş�Z�)y��S��|e��$�"XD���-7W|����/S���_�����Aih����,9�,������~����s���I�V�����`����'��#�)A�� ˎ��L:�~��āj�4[�s�m� A leadership philosophy is a set of beliefs and principles that strongly influences how you interpret reality and guides how you react to people, events and situations. 1 0 obj �i�Jؗ�@�T��m�)�Bp2P�w���e9ˇ�ʒ�8D��� ��Ef�+%H[W]1[�Ƀ��T*+�aUW,]�Ø5�[����(��,�%jł�U)=�@�d>��� a�Uҥ5l�|�&46�cD�ʴ���J�����l#��7�-��n`r�A 4 0 obj Research has shown that consistent leadership behavior and actions require a clear personal leadership philosophy. These professional and personal values led me to generate my definition of leadership: Before a person can be a leader, they must know who they are. Some statements are as short as a sentence while others are a page or more in length. In order for My leadership philosophy is shaped by many professional and personal values, knowledge of self, respect, communication, hard work & dedication, servant leadership, growth & learning, and family & love. 2 0 obj x��}]�^��� ��s��^~� ��d�g���\s��ۖn�iə�����*�j�l)���=��ɗ���b�\>�j��/?���/>[�_�j��g�.�y���'� K�˓o>�*�K�K+����Z This means that the essence of leadership is building and maintaining a team, and guiding that team towards desired results. As they are highly personalized documents, any length or structure is fine for a leadership philosophy. �ˈnUT�*�SH��E�QBy����p�1���,,8����eʤ�fd1B����-T�Y�i�n�TO]f; %���� You have a bunch of people who look up to you and all the while, you need to be completely sure of where YOU want to be headed. ��q[�}����|K�����X.�cy���>��Pݨ��R��9/�����������.�԰05�k I reflected on the various jobs I had the great privilege to work on and I summed it up in four basic beliefs.I believe in leadership by example. Nursing leadership creates a safe workplace environment where nurses can be and perform at their best to provide for an excellent patient experience of care. PDF | On Jan 1, 2011, Peter Case and others published Philosophy of Leadership | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Leadership experience prior to MISEP I can remember early in my career, as somewhat a new teacher, I had in the back of my head that one day I would be a school principal. ���%I�Y��L���t��m�X�X=�W�j�/�s/��u� = +;��9"�`W�۞���HV��NI��|�S�N��.G�E�FՖ`��a*��U��A�䟭�}Aa6�J.ݹ֦m�ɺ���M��ͻQ����G�Y��A-�R���C�Ɏ�������e=�f:��K"�Z�T0Ԧ���f^�6�P�a7_�AJW� "�w/D&0C�BweT��$�϶H:���`��6�.M�� Qd�����a�Q�Y�gl�I��C�_O 4[�J�H��"'� ��S>+`'y�p�ֹHC�K�'�Y8�F"Uv��L��ۛ�d�fG���e�����S�4Xo�M�I0V�:�¸ C}�_��iDmHp,ɪc-]�A�z�*�9���:�����A �|G�h4ˬl�&�6:��V��/�S��L�(�� <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> It’s about knowing when to push others outside their comfort zone to help them develop. w�����~��o��T��R_{Oj>��T�v֨������S�~ You see, taking the lead can be challenging. Personal leadership philosophy examples can be inspiring. These statements will be used in combination with the other activities to create a philosophy of leadership for you. Leadership Philosophy 4 diverse background, I know how hard it can be, to be accepted and appreciated in a team or organization. ��f�l� B��8��:�!\&�J�E���Üe�"�g�BN�H� ��ъ9gY�&����/IW�k~F�܄�Vkr���QECj�?a)I~�tQkdL��@rP�OH+&���/c�7ā��=;�j�Q�v3�iK��-��D���k.��a,MG�N���2A��eX�g%}�ֽ��/T��Y�k�P��K�I���� <> Along with having an open mind of diversity, comes building relationships with people who might have different views or philosophy than yours, but �vJiiiC���:+�é����������|*?���i-w����=� 멽��[���T���zW�1��i�g3��w�o}����*u���&_ May 4th, 2018 - educational leadership philosophy statement examples pdf FREE PDF DOWNLOAD NOW Source 2 educational leadership philosophy statement examples pdf' 'philosophy of educational leadership essay 535 words My Leadership Philosophy Statement. In short, it’s all a matter of personal leadership. It’s about being a champion for the cause. Ten Statements on Leadership There are many definitions of leadership, and no single definition is right. The structure of a leadership philosophy can vary greatly depending on the goals and needs of the leader. I have been blessed with great mentors along my journey as a nursing leader. ?W�)���a��A!-�LЄ.$�V����g�}ϖ�� �C��X�#���@s9��ʀ}��h��W�’�,�/�8��"�{6u~ r�n �ْ�X=������W�V�GK ��#��`/��_BC�� %PDF-1.5 February 2015: I feel leadership is about motivating and empowering others to succeed. We believe a results-based defini-tion of leadership is the best. <> Therefore one has to choose which definition to use. �Дwt>��l�p����C'M�a�2�B��#�t� ���@"�JZ��p=m#!�q YT鬰Eݳ�[P��(�4-�b�$!�� ���~��4! s��62ZAM�5n;���0~BX�m�#�����u]�S�1��'*уf����%�7��d���l�Hϥ�Ϥ�j���3��q�ƀ&E�c[�YV?f/���H�Cѕ�s�����!��A� hk��H����G�H������*�%�ԴE���D�CK��'�FB��WXj�(�f�+��U�x�tS�@���)b���br���(������Z��̖frά�A/��M��׈2I�>��%(�qnU��⹉�_�ձY����K�*N����@Ҽ��%�|�re�I)��L��D����\iq��G���-#Qw*9�[J���'%V\�U䊩�I���f�~��2d��j�3gG��N�-��2���F3L��V�k��ؽ�����j�f�j��e. !/���#$ZP��5��)H�.��i��J�Zj� ��m�X��R۳+뒟n�i�Z�kn����8X��Ki��V�� [3����G'Y"�bF�2(�(k��ׄTG6Ʊ �IPb�-k�2���.D��G,]���a��,}�t/�a�[��a�7�a/�$ɲLA��@�UPBk@ Y��밉�! Over the past 27 years as a nurse and nurse leader, I have reflected many times on the importance of nursing leadership. My Leadership Philosophy Leadership for MS Science EDU 587-630 Instructor: J. Pizzo Paper by Rich Matthews MISEP Cohort II .

leadership philosophy statement pdf

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