Venchi Chocaviar bonboniéra 320g . The design of these chocolates is very luxurious and is considered best for women. 3354. Each decadent design is a delicious bejeweled dessert worthy of becoming the symbol of a woman's individuality. 3477. Still, nothing can top the $1.5 million "Le Chocolate Box" once offered by St. Louis-based Simons Jewelers. Le Chocolat Horká čokoláda 70% 200g . Some are created with extra love. 886. Simón Coll tmavá čokoláda 99% cocoa 85g . Amatller Dárkový balíček Mucha 230g . Our collections display an appreciation for the finer things in life. Le Chocolat Box: It is the best chocolate in the whole world which can be seen from the inside and outside of this chocolate as well. And some with that special artisan touch. Skladem 49,90 Kč Do košíku. Australian Chocolate Diamonds are guaranteed to come straight from the source – directly from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are genuine, rare, natural, fancy color Chocolate Diamonds® responsibly sourced by Le Vian as key ingredients of masterfully created original and exclusive, mouthwatering creations by the world renown, award winning Le Vian Chocolatier®. Then there is Chocolatier Australia. Le Chocolat Horká čokoláda 70% 200g . Le Chocolat Mandle v mléčné čokoládě sypané kakaem 90g . Skladem 115 Kč Do košíku. It is made with a special collection of diamonds. We think this box of chocolate would be great as a corporate gift, or for your mother-in-law. Skladem 369 Kč Do košíku. Skladem 115 Kč Do košíku. 3477. We all know that women can’t resist for chocolate and diamonds as well, so this is best for them. Skladem 499 Kč Do košíku. Discover a world of elevated taste and distinction when you shop Simon G. luxury jewelry. Since 1985, we’ve been combining all of these and more to create European-style premium chocolates right here in Australia. Not all chocolates are created equal. Others with impressive eye to detail. 3255.

le chocolate box by simon jewelers

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