Some of his directs might be, but not Jeff. But there is one that "surprises people," according to Jeff Bezos. Amazon leadership style has been classified as pragmatist. With his number one style of always putting his customers first… 1. Jeff Bezos courageously recognize the need for change and initiate it accordingly. Jeff Bezos exhibits leadership when he focuses exclusively on the customer. Every phase in Amazon’s timeline always involves serving customers, meaning that it will be involved with every vision regardless how big or small it is. Andrew Moran. Jeff Bezos Leadership Style & Principles In The Spotlight Jeff Bezos always takes a long-term look at his goals. Pragmatist leaders “set high standards and unapologetically expect those standards to be met by themselves and by their employees” The company’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos is an exceptional and proven business leader. In conclusion, Jeff Bezos can be considered as a transformational leader, the best one in active nowadays. Jeff Bezos leadership style is a little unconventional at times. Jeff isn’t dictatorial or a tyrant, as some have suggested. To get a glimpse of his thinking, the annual Amazon shareholder letters are a … Everything they do depends on the customer. He has an estimated worth of $75.6 billion (as of March 2017). Jeff Bezos’ Leadership Style: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn. The Customer is King Whatever you think of Bezos, he should be able to teach us a thing or five about leadership. Jeff is a visionary who deals with problems at a very high level. Also Jeff Bezos has become the 2nd richest person on the planet. Amazon is well known today for its extreme focus on the customer. But the leadership style of Jeff Bezos puts him on top. In the midst of huge success, Jeff Bezos’ leadership style includes some key lessons we can all learn from. This paper analyzes the leadership approach of two leaders, the founder of, Jeff Bezos, and the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma. ... contentious, highlights Bezos' philosophy: an ardent focus on customer service. Amazon famously has 14 leadership principles that are part of the company's ethos. He has a vision of where he wants to take the company which is far beyond the view of most others, including the exec leadership team.

jeff bezos' leadership philosophy

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