Perfect for a cool autumn day. Spanish Bar Cake. Recipe by Steve P. Moist and tasty spice cake. shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pin it Share on WhatsApp Share on Google+. A traditional Spanish cake with spices and raisins and frosted with a cream cheese based frosting. handling and preparation. By á-39535. And it is very easy to make. It's one of the many great recipes shared by home cooks on, the world's sweetest recipe swap community. We’ve stepped back in time to recreate one of your favorite tastes from the past with this very special spice cake recipe. Spanish Bar Cake Now, let me be crystal clear; I make NO claims that my recipe is “just like the famous A & P Spanish Bar Cake”. My favorite snack cake….Spanish Bars from A&P. Recipes / Bar Cookie. My favorite candy bar was a Chunky, a thick square of milk chocolate that had raisins and nuts in it. Miss Spanish Bar Cake...a standard from my childhood growing up in eastern North Carolina. If you had an A&P around you long ago, you've probably eaten this cake. However, the last one I ate was made as I watched at the Waldensian Bakery in Valdese, NC (western NC), back around 1979 or 1970, I think. A sugar based white icing between the layers on top makes this a crowd favourite. They were also still making the coconut bar cakes, with the ladies patting the coconut on the icing by hand. Always on the lookout for a delicious and easy cake recipe so thank you for sharing this! This cake has all the warm spices we love so much this time of year. Reminds me of the ones A&P grocery stores made when I was a child :) MAKE IT SHINE! ... A&P Spanish Bar Cake. Why it is called Spanish Bar Cake I have no idea but it is one of the best cakes you will ever taste. This A & P Spanish Bar Cake recipe is so delicious and full of flavor. Slice into bars and serve. Known as a spice bar cake or Spanish bar cake, this unique layer cake combines a blend of mixed spices, brown sugar and marinated raisins. Home recipes > Spanish Bar Cake. As mentioned earlier, it is unlikely that cake can ever be duplicated at home because of the way the bakeries created them for A & P. BUT this is very reminiscent in my mind of the famous version and I experimented with it multiple times while developing my recipe. All those good times with good friends came flooding back to me when I saw this recipe for Copy Cat Spanish Bar Cake. 18 People talking Join In Now Join the conversation! Ready to serve. Spanish Bar Cake. ADD YOUR PHOTO. Spanish Bar Cake. Tag: Jane Parker Cake.

jane parker bakery spanish bar cake recipe

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