I have mousey brown hair and would like it lighter. It is much darker and oily. I think you got amazing results, I too noticed a difference when using the shampoo and conditioner. The lightening spray caused my hair to snap off around ear length and I had to have layers put in to disguise it. Your email address will not be published. I have had to correct a couple of clients hair after they have used this. John Frieda should hire you for a commercial. I read it several times over, and then afterwards, followed your instructions exactly! ….Oooops published too soon. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo . Such a shame as the product itself truly delivers. Do not use it! Kindly let me know how can I get this product? xxx. You are such a sad, miserable person Euan MacDouga to read an in-depth review of a product with pictures only to respond with a self-empowering insult to the author.. does that REALLY make you feel better about yourself? This review is quite perfect and informative. Does every town have someone named Jones and if so why? This John Frieda shampoo softens hair and brightens highlights. My hairdresser of 19 years has been scolding me for using sun in last summer when I was unaware of the hazards. Perfectly written and I love how you have been so clear in balancing the pro's and the cons. I had an incident today. I mean for example If you've used the shampoo and read citrus and chamomile why would you think the spray was any different, I'm glad they've made it clearer on the box but it should be called more than lightening spray just to clarify to those who aren't paying attention. ppl giving it a bad review in my opinion are using it too frequently.. think about what you’re putting on your hair! I was really excited to use it as i am a natural blonde, never dyed my hair, however, i felt like it was going a little naturally darker than i wanted i to so i thought this shampoo and conditioner would help lighten it a little. So i bought this shampoo and conditioner yesterday, really excited to use. It lightens your hair but it’s not something hairdressers recommend/if you tell them you’ve used it they may refuse to colour your hair, Your email address will not be published. We’ll break for some photos then get in to the spray…, These shots were after using the shampoo and conditioner once. how long does it take for this product to fade away? The shampoo and conditioner are very good though and seem to have some effect, It’s definitely not gentle, it’s bleach and the new labels are clear.. it wasn’t previously obvious how damaging it was however so if you have an older bottle it’s totally understandable that you may not have known x. I haven’t used this product but i have medium brown hair with natural red undertones. Also is it ok to still go to the salon for colour after using this product ? Fingers crossed I’ll be as sucessful! So my hairdresser says there is an orange ring around the top of my head from the new hair. yay!! Your review rocks! I don’t think she’s going to hurt anyones feelings . 5.0. not yellow sorry ladies! Now I have to go to a dermatologist to figure out how or if I can even regroup hair in the spots where you can actually see 2" round bald spots- one in the front of my head and one at the crown. It is far worse than sun in but is advertised as gentle and natural. I will def be trying now and thank you for pointing out the difference between the shampoo/conditioner and spray. Do you think that it could make my hair a totally wrong colour? I’m pleased you realised every day was too much and didn’t just think the product ruined your hair lol. Lizhttp://www.aspirationsofglam.blogspot.comxxx, Great review, as with most people I was really put off after what happened to Fleur's hair but like you said everyone is different. I think you're right in that people do not pay much attention as to how they should be using the product, but it does also come down to store placement which is an agreement between the manufacturer and retailer…so John Frieda is to blame in some respects! My hair has snapped off as I used it in between streaks at the hairdressers-bleach on bleach-no good! You can sign in to vote the answer. It has dried my hair out a tiny bit, but I welcome that as it used to be so greasy, and I just balance it out with a hair mask once a week. because of Fleur's video I would never use it though… it looked like her towels had been bleached. First of all the shampoo and conditioner contain no peroxide, they claim to lighten naturally with citrus and camomile and while I was skeptical lemon is a bleaching agent so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. It was stored in the shampoo section. No! Stopped using and looked for products to help in hair loss. i'm currently using john frieda sheer blonde go blonder shampoo and lightening spray to lighten my currently highlighted dark blonde hair. Lol, It’s not sheer blonde it’s Go Blonder which lightens your hair. I still want to use it, any advice?!! Your hair looks gorgeous. you can use both and time is difficult to advise on but if you leave it on too long and it looks a little blue/ashy don’t panic.. it will wash out and leave your hair a lovely whiter toned blonde. I can only think she meant the regrowth when she described a ring.. I’ve never heard that before but I wouldn’t suggest you use any further lightening sprays to fix it, hiii, i neeed urgent help please, i used this range too, the lightening spray hasn’t damaged my hair luckily well for now and I stopped using it after using it 3 times, it has made my hair more blonder, i have naturally dark blonde hair, my hair is so much blonder, i never died my hair before and don’t want to die it but i want my hair to go back to its natural shades, will that ever happen? i havent used this one its the sheer blonde the one in the gold tube! lemons and citric acids have been used to naturally bleach skin, hair and even disinfect for years, When I watched that video I didn't really understand why she was shocked that something that can lighten hair can also lighten fabric. I've used this once and am happy after brightening my blonde. I’m curious to hear if your hair is still healthy?? I avoid really like blonde hair. Great review! A miracle I know. oh I wouldn’t worry about the shampoo and conditioner.. it’s only the spray that will be damaging. No it’s not going to be for everyone and if you’re worried.. just don’t risk it but if you’re already considering home bleaching or highlights It’s going to be gentler than that so I’d say, why not? Hi just brought this my hair is highlighted also some greys will this product blend the grey also is the spray safe to use maybe once a month ? if you have auburn or brown with red undertones of course its going to turn red. It's a good advertisement for the product. The reality is that it’s not going to happen!!! All these ‘wannabe’ blondes going to any length to get natural blonde hair. John Frieda Go Blonder Spray As long as your hair is still growing, eventually your natural hair color will come back as your hair grows out at the roots. I happen to think that the author’s hair color BEFORE the lightening spray is even used is a natural dirty blonde/lightest gold brown color… and after the spray is used, it’s DEFINITELY in the blonde family.. so go get a life, and stop bullying people online to make yourself feel better. When I wash it out and dry my hair it is soft, shiny and visibly lighter. Do you think i should go ahead and use it? How do I go from brassy blonde to cool blonde hair? I have read the post and reviews which are quite impressive. Also your degrading opinion that you expressed is entirely subjective. I have naturally blond hair but it goes a lot darker in the winter and I would like to use the shampoo and conditioner but don’t have the time to leave it in for 5-10 mins. John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray: rated 3 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. if you hair is already naturally warm I wouldn’t mess with this.. the best you will get is yellow, Your hair is not even blonde enough to make it an excuse to use John Frieda SHEER BLONDE! ahhh love love love moroccan oil! I couldn t be more upset over the total failure of a hair care product. I bet you wouldn’t make comments like this in the REAL world to anyone’s face or call anyone a wannabe for that matter, so thanks for proving that the only wannabe on here is YOU.

is john frieda go blonder bad for your hair

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