Ostrya virginiana, Hophornbeam or Ironwood is a small understory tree. Ironwood will almost grind your cutting tools back while you are trying to cut the wood. Its branches are often broadly horizontal and retained fairly close to the ground. To visit other tree families in Pennsylvania, select it here: Click to enlarge. For furniture, it makes nice inlays, but only for small ornamental accent areas. It has no real use in the cabinet shop or for veneers. Choose a woodsy place on the low, flat ground not far from a stream or a lake. Ironwood is a common understory tree throughout Minnesota's upland deciduous forest. You may find ironwood trees in the woods around Pittsburgh. Trees. tree is dioecious and seedless cultivars such as Espresso™ can eliminate problems of messy seedpods. It is noteworthy for its fruit, which The Keystone State, 'Virtue, Liberty and Independence' Pennsylvania. It is a dainty tree, though it may grow 30 feet tall. Beverly Nutt, age 9, of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, for her question: Where does the ironwood tree grow? The native range of Kentucky coffee tree extends into the southern Lower Peninsula, but it is considered relatively rare in Michigan. The wood pores are almost filled with “sand.” It is a wonderful wood on the lathe, to make ornamental things. Highly shade tolerant, it is slow growing in understories where it rarely grows into the canopy. Hornbeam Trees of Pennsylvania ... -Color denotes a tree that is rare or endangered.

ironwood tree pennsylvania

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