IKEA does indeed sell the L-shape divider (called the Komplement frame divider) that allows you to install the narrowest drawers in a wider frame. The front of the shelves? Hi Erin! I can’t *exactly* recall the cost of the project, but I do know that the Pax came in at around $1,500 before modifications and my best guess with the wood, trimwork, paint, puck lights, and hardware, that it was in the range of $2,500 – $3,000. Ok your ikea hack closet is just stunning! I am going to try this in a high end flip we are currently working on. This amazingly beautiful! There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product. This really capped off the built-in look and totally hid the gap from the top of the wardrobes to the ceiling. in favour of clean, classic closet designs. Because we knew we were going to have rattan boxes on a top shelf, we knew the cords would be invisible. Bravo! Thank you so much!! Thanks so much for sharing. So inspiring and such fun to marvel! On the sides, we added flat panels of wood to cover the gaps between the Pax units and the wall. I am interested in the source of the ceiling light fixture and the ceiling wall paper. Hi! Hope that helps! This closet came in at under $3K if that’s helpful info, I know that a California closets would have been 3x more at a minimum, so it was an easy choice for us, but we didn’t hire a carpenter, so I don’t know what it would have cost in labor. To recess the lights, we used a router to trace a template we made in a scrap piece of wood. My fiancé and I are using this as a guide on ours. Where did you add the strips to? We assumed the same thing until we went deep into the ikea hackers forums and discovered how important the back panel is, and thus settled on how to mask the backs rather than do away with them. Hi. Hi!! We applied the primer with a high-density foam roller and a paint brush in the spots that were most difficult to reach. This is the most stunning IKEA hack I’ve seen to date. Installing our IKEA Pax Wardrobes (plus, Tips for Planning and Shopping for Pax!) Did you prime first? Thank you! Quick question, the link for the poplar board takes reader to Home Depot with purebond. Five Tips to Install The IKEA PAX Closet System. Don’t worry that the drawer fronts may not sit flush with the trim on the front of the units, we address that later. on Hacking the IKEA Pax into a Fully Custom Closet, Hacking the IKEA Pax into a Fully Custom Closet, https://erinkestenbaum.com/2018/11/07/one-room-challenge-fall-2018-the-reveal-week-six-master-bedroom-closet/, https://www.chrislovesjulia.com/master-closet-ikea-pax/, http://sarahgunn.com/one-room-challenge-the-reveal-2/, https://www.domino.com/content/ikea-pax-wardrobe-closet-jenny-komenda-little-green-notebook-hack/, WEEKEND READING, Vol. – Shake My Diy | DIY and Craft Blog, IKEA PAX hack: Hands down the most stunning walk-in closet – The Hardworking, Everything you need to know about buying (and installing) an IKEA closet system – Hobbit Worldnews, Everything you need to know about buying (and installing) an IKEA closet system - Non Perele, Everything you need to know about buying (and installing) an IKEA closet system – MNNOFA NEWS, 19 Stunning Ikea Pax Hacks that add Elegance to your Bedroom - Hacksaholic, 20 Ikea Storage Hacks that look Super Stylish - james and catrin, Built In Master Closet Renovation (IKEA Pax Closet Hack) - Natalie Paramore, 15 Gorgeous Ikea Pax Hacks - james and catrin, Don’t Neglect Your Ceiling – 5 Easy (and Budget-Friendly) Ways To Take Your Room To The Next Level – Superior Custom Floor Designs, Don’t Neglect Your Ceiling – 5 Easy (and Budget-Friendly) Ways To Take Your Room To The Next Level - trylamp, 20 Inspiring IKEA Pax Closet Makeovers - Bless'er House, 20 Inspiring IKEA Pax Closet Makeovers | Interesting and funny, 20 Inspiring IKEA Pax Closet Makeovers - trylamp, Planning an Ikea Pax Closet for Our Dream Master Suite, 20 IKEA Pax Hacks That Look Awesome - Craftsy Hacks, Our Home Office is Moving and Getting a Big Upgrade! This is where things start to really begin to look custom. We continued the wire through the ceiling (we have attic access and just drilled a hole on each side of the closet and fed it through ). This is stunning and if someone showed me these pictures I would have said “definitely custom”. Could you please tell me how you were able to recreate the fronts on the drawers? We painted the original IKEA hanging rod hardware to match the closet paint and then cut down basic wood hanging rods to fit each wardrobe. When it comes to paint, make sure to go with a paint that is rated for cabinetry, since the closet gets a lot of hands on use. Thanks Erin. I haven’t seen this option at ikea and am curious how you fastened the drawer hardware and right side drawer support “wall”? I’ll check out the Kallax. Can I hire you to come do this at my house!?!!?! SUPER helpful as I am in the process of planning my own Ikea hack wardrobe. Erin, you are my IDOL!!!!! Im trying to work it out but as I’ve never assembled Ikea furniture I’m not sure with these added extras if this would be possible? I will definitely prime it 1st, then paint it! This is awesome! I am curious why you did not choose to paint all the pieces first before you assembled them in the closet? As a designer, I am quite critical so grand complements to you. We also have an ikea PAX closet and I’m having trouble finding baskets that fit in that little top shelf. Another go-to paint for cabinetry is Benjamin Moore Advance, which has held up really well on our downstairs bathroom vanity and is more widely available and more budget-friendly. This was something I was very concerned about because the shelves in the Pax units don’t sit flush with the sides of the Pax units, so the depth of wood needed here was thicker than the 1/2 inch Poplar we used everywhere else. For instance, Sarah Gunn painted her Pax blue and that change alone makes the IKEA closet look so much more elevated (http://sarahgunn.com/one-room-challenge-the-reveal-2/), and Jenny Komenda hacked hers with paint and added doors, which means much less woodworking is required to achieve a really professional look (https://www.domino.com/content/ikea-pax-wardrobe-closet-jenny-komenda-little-green-notebook-hack/).

ikea pax drawers instructions

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