Shrug. Documancer: Documancer is the heart of Walnut's kit and is buffed by other abilities. On boss levels, you can expect to get 10 stacks from the minion mobs. Day 3 I dropped her and haven't used her since. Sadly, Delina shares a slot with Walnut. Wisdom Yea, I couldn't explain why she was so high. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Contractual Obligations: Increase the health of all Champions by a percentage of Walnut's maximum health. For completeness' sake - I have her at 1152x All Champion Hitch has 96x. 10 (0) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Black Viper with Walnut, no Temporary Alliance allies, Black Viper with Hitch, no Temporary Alliance allies, Black Viper with Walnut, 1 Temporary Alliance ally. Taking a vacation and making me think for myself.... shame on you. There's no way she's getting 10,000x more than Hitch that is also giving Friendly who also has gear. Strength I subbed in naked Walnut, and naked Walnut was beating a VERY well geared Hitch. The other good news is that if this gets fixed, it will probably (hopefully?) Currently, Nayeli is providing a straight 1000% DPS per mob tanked, while Evelyn is yielding 25% of 1e5% (or 2.5e4%) per mob tanked. With the e4 buff, she's clearly superior and the best choice in the slot regardless of who you use as DPS. Maybe on the lower end of things. I don't do the super involved stuff like switching characters for a buff/debuff boost to get higher BUD and manually use ultimates, and honestly what you described seems like a ridiculous amount of work to get any benefit. Farideh - 2e127Jamilah - 8.77e127Strix - 6e129Warden - 1.65e118King Arkhan - 1e132 Of all the top-tier DPS champions, Rosie in a pure C-Team formation (provided you have the gear for all 4 champions) might make a run at displacing Farideh or Warden on the lower end. Where is it coming from? And I am pretty sure I've not seen that e4 dps buff over Hitch, since I lose about e4-e5 dps putting Walnut in. Idle Champions - Play Free. This is why I dislike Walnut, because you don't get a stable DPS/BUD. Do you still see it? Then I read the buffs, and I didn't understand what was going on in-game. Support - 9/10 note: This is provided that e4 buff hangs around, see Open Bugs.Support - 6/10 note: This is if the e4 buff gets removed.Tank - 6/10, Not a great tank, but better than Tyril or Aila as she'll provide a buff, If you want to maximize her buff, it will cost you stage clear time and tedious effort. 25 stacks of Story Time = +50% = 45 HP / sec. Walnut occupies Slot 8 (Delina/Hitch) and serves as a Support or Tank. If you want to keep up her DPS buff, make sure to kill enemies on the prior stage to boost BUD. Just to confirm, I even respec'ed with a Potion of Specialization, and moved Walnut to Co-Signers. 1st Specialization (one of this group)Extended Warranty: Documancer now also applies to all Champions within 2 slots of Walnut and is buffed by 100%. UPDATE: This 100% has to do with Temporary Alliance.Black Viper with Walnut, no Temporary Alliance allies - 9.87e43Black Viper with Hitch, no Temporary Alliance allies - 2.07e47 Clearly, Hitch is getting the better end of the deal here, as expected. Like Qillek, once she's fully epic and preferably shinied up a little she'll probably see a decent amount of use for me. It's even more tedious, but it can be done. Not really, no, but she's much more workable than previous to Walnut's release.Rosie DPS in ToA - 9e116Granted, I have 3 completely ungeared champions, and some poor gear on Donaar and Spurt. 20 Dealing with Zariel on this event is enough for me. That being said, you can cut down on some of the time by utilizing a Firebreath potion and carrying your higher BUD for as many stages as possible. In terms of the DPS bug, I noticed that it increased the Base DPS as shown in the top left, but my DPS' actual damage value went down when switching from Hitch to Walnut (as expected), and the BUD did NOT increase. What about Delina? With a Firebreath potion and familiars, this usually only has to be done every 3rd or 4th stage. The only way to disable auto-advance is to go back at least one level from your current area. For example, you are fighting the level 50 boss, defeat the 10 monsters, switch to another formation to swap out ultimates, her documency drops from 10 stacks to 0. I never have guessed. So I subbed in Strix and made a few re-arrangement, and the same issue persisted. She seems to be pretty good in my limited testing so far as the odds were stacked against her a little bit in a Krond team, assuming she's working properly. She'll be better than Tyril (and Aila since Aila provides no tanking buffs), which then frees up Tyril for the stronger Moonbeam buff. Assemble a party of champions and master the art of Formation Strategy. This also increases your BUD. Dexterity < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments ... Until i read idle champions wiki and discovered it is her actually. Otherwise, you get just 12.5%. The official subreddit for discussing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, an official Dungeons & Dragons®-based idle clicker game from Codename Entertainment. This is my first freeplay directly after unlocking Walnut. This feels like a silly question, but is the spare e4 coming from All-Champ damage? Walnut is a child of the Enclave Panax Anima, an all-female clan of woodland defenders within the Kryptgarden Forest. I might put up a recording later this week but quick-swapping can be done VERY quickly, only waiting for about 30-40 mobs to pile up on your tanks them blasting away with Ultimates. Pen-Paws maxes out at 1e4%, PROVIDED you can get a kill to start the Documancer buff. Definitely a lot of work to deal with. I didn't, but e4 is a 10,000x buff. When you reach the next stage, immediately use a few Ultimates to kill the first mobs that arrive to power up your Documancer buff. Walnut Drankgrass is the fourth and final member of Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team. Updating the thread. I'm definitely seeing Walnut as being fun but not great also. Walnut Dankgrass is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Right now it seems like Walnut will be best used for me for her ultimate against armored bosses (similar to Donaar, I suppose) and for Azaka farming. Wood Elf you should read more of NEW … Thanks for the guide. Day 2 however, my wall was a full 20 stages backwards while using Walnut, despite her having 1 ge and 3 epics. Is it good? I've got the bug though. Lawful Neutral Save Waterdeep from the chaos of a Founder's Day gone awry. Take a breath, because that's exhausting! Something's amiss! Black Viper with Walnut, 1 Temporary Alliance ally - 5.33e51Black Viper with Hitch, same ally - 4.16e50 Somehow, with a Temporary Ally and Documancer at 0%, she's gaining a buff GREATER than what Hitch puts out. But in all seriousness thank you for the detailed breakdown. Temporary Alliance: Increase the effect of Documancer by 25% for each Champion with an affiliation other than the "C" Team. Sign and Date: Documancer now also applies to all Champions in the top or bottom slots of each column and is buffed by 50%. This basically doubles your stage times, plus more swaps if you want to max your BUD. Not only a frighteningly enthusiastic member of Acquisitions Incorporated, she also strives to protect the natural world by any means necessary. That's what all you fine folk are for, working out the details so us casual folk can just click on things after reading a little and still do ok. Documancer increases the damage of all Champions adjacent to Walnut by 5% for each enemy killed in a given area. Worst in slot for me. Role Wolf Form Walnut savagely attacks the closest enemy, dealing damage to that enemy and others near it. I'm a bit late to the party, as I went out of town for the 4th. Continue to kill more mobs to maximize Documancy to 50 stacks, Replace a tank with Walnut so she's in the right-most column, Wait for Pen-Paw to stack up (1e4% buff to Documancy), Get in some additional hits to power up BUD, Now go to the level you actually want to clear. If you save 2 different position layouts with Walnut in the same spot, and switch between them, her documancy gets reset. 20 (+5) If anyone has an explanation for this, I'm all ears! Walnut is on the case! But again - Hitch has gear, she doesn't. Only did no spec and first spec, was this different? Keep in mind that the formations are at level cap, don't include debuffs, nor BUD calculations.

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