Use Donaar's Ult as a swap at the start of the fight to take him down quick! Mirt variants . I don't think too many people that have unlocked Azaka will have issues with these variants under Mirt, especially since you won't have to face the big bosses on 400. Celeste may have a +1 CON Feat which is not yet available in the game. If Paultin gets focused on, he'll die quickly. My only complain with the system is the length of time it takes to earn free play currency; for most players, maxing out both Patron's freeplay currency will consume about 4 days of time per week. Here's my formation. Champions fight monsters in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. I went from 2.71e70 damage per strike with Arkhan to 1.29e89 damage per strike with Arkhan from stage 1 to 250. This one is a very tough adventure with the limitations it imposes. Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. I can't see using either Aila or Walnut here as a tank. Click damage is helpful, but it's impossible to clear the stages with just click damage. Donaar is your hero here with his acid vomit Ultimate. Arkhan is Bulk Up, Krond is main DPS (w/Fall Back blessing), Korth is non-Adjacent spec to boost attack speed of Warden and Krond. Any of the variants that reduce the number of hero slots are much more difficult variants than the difficulty rating implies (as that is just a function of the campaign favour). Remember, the tentacles stop spawning after you kill the jar in the back! I don't think this adventure is possible to finish without lots of favor/click damage. Minsc would be the best choice on a Favored Enemy level, without a doubt. The big boss is on x50 levels, and you don't need to clear 400 here. You'll need about e124 damage for the 400 boss. Don't forget Catti's Ultimate comes with a nice buff/debuff, and Strix's Owlbear can pump your BUD up! Variant Adventure Campaign Level Influence Coins; Dinosaur Racing: Running of the Saurs: Tomb of Annihilation: 50: 300: … I was trudging along to 275 with an average of ¬4 heroes out (couldn't get past that with my lucky roster). By 201, you'll be down to just 5 members. Example of good selection - e120 BUD or so. This is also with Warden's Hex and Spurt's Spunk to increase click damage as well. The others are all do-able, including No Good at All (Mirt) if you've invested heavily in your evil team. Formation Strategy is one of the Game Mechanics in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. I'm riding the struggle bus on Close Escort (Mirt, but would assume Vajra too). e133 strike damage will be needed to finish. You can use Krond as your DPS instead of Zorbu, but he'll be a bit limited with Survival of the Fittest. Potions of Heroism are needed for the 300/350 fight; you can't use multiple tanks, and the tree will hit for enough damage to kill your DPS even with Calliope's shields up. If you need more HP, don't be shy with the Heroism pots. Specialization can help. You are limited to just these champions currently: Turiel, Celeste, Nayeli, Binwin, Spurt, Qillek, Drizzt, Barrowin, Nerys. Strategically place them according to a Formation Strategy to overwhelm your enemies! I wouldn't bother with any guide for Never Split the Party seeing as the heroes available vary every 25 levels and are randomly selected each run. Gamepedia. This is not average item level, but the total summation of all item levels for all champions. I think this would be an awesome way for CNE to recognize the value that Psylisa brings to this community. You'll need e90 damage to kill the boss on 275. If you are using Nrakk, make sure to pick up the +1 Wisdom Feat for Bruenor and Korth! e124 damage on a strike is needed to finish off the 400 boss. Jump to: navigation, search. The only thing to note is the hole in the formation next to Tyril. See below on how to get this damage by using 8 members of your party rather than just 2. 1 Background 2 Requirements 3 Restrictions 4 Perks 5 Shop 6 Challenges Mirt becomes available once the player has: 2000 total loot levels 20 champions unlocked Unlocking Mirt … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This isn't too difficult if you meet the damage requirements; your big fight is on the 400 level, and there's no big threats from 400-425. Count on having just 5 champions. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Using Spurt though, also means you can place Celeste in a healing position adjacent to your tank and adjacent to your DPS easily. She packs a standard hit for 1e4 damage, a team-wide AoE hit for 3e4 damage, and a stun/disable for a random champion. :) Well the core of it, whether it's for what Zero posted as a solution for this specific objective or for something that works in any other objective, is that you're typically most likely to have one primary damage dealer and everybody else is just there to provide buffs for that one character. You'll probably have to ditch Turiel as well, so it will actually be 2 champions needed that have both Int > 12 and Con > 13. If you need a bit of a push, Aila and Gromma are accessible in Vajra as well! I'm not sure if I'm not missing something but isn't Hitch kind of a waste in your "Werewolves in the Mist" formation? Help . Formation: Patron: Mirt: Complete Area 325 ×3.86e4 ×1,400: Patron: Vajra: Complete Area 350 ×6.10e4 ×1,700: Patron: Strahd: Complete Area 375 ×9.65e4 ×2,100: Additional: Unique Enemies -Strahd Zombie: Enemies drop 99% less gold.-Batiri Goblin: Enemies attack cooldown reduced by 25% second.-Gazer: Enemies deal 100% additional damage.-Abyssal Chicken: Enemies move 100% faster. Krond is a possibility here, but there's not a large variety of Strong/Evil champions to help him out. By 251, you'll be limited to just 3 members; slots 1, 5, and 8. I'll move Shandie out for Tyril and Bruenor for Deekin if I need more DPS. It will help alleviate some of the randomness of the stage. This includes the base 12 champions, Hitch, Azaka, and any event champions… As the title suggests Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is an an idle game. Feel free to swap Spurt out for Warden or anyone else that can provide a larger buff depending on your own gear. Warden is the 2nd choice to provide the biggest DPS and 1st choice on non-FE levels. This will probably allow many people to complete this adventure, especially if it's coupled with a level cap increase. ~e93 damage is needed to break it's armor. Haven't found any higher DPS combos. You can also position your formation 1 column back (so Nayeli is on the 2nd to right column). I noticed that this variant isn't even on the Upcoming Requests list, is that because even u/Psylisa doesn't have a solution for it? Note: This page is severely outdated and most of these formations aren't possible anymore. Mirt variants | Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom. It may be impossible to finish this if you don't have a large champion roster. in a 25 level block for characters like Tyril that can serve dual purposes. Last Update - 9/30/19 Hello everyone! It's fairly accessible even to a newer player assuming you meet the requirements to unlock them. Tyril will benefit from Nrakk's Gith Focus, but the 20% penalty to Moonbeam for being adjacent to more allies might outweigh the advantages. 3rd Column loaded with your DPS of choice and Bruenor. Also, I'll probably only be knocking out 2-3 a day or so after my weekly Patron farming is done in Freeplays.

idle champions mirt formation

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