This post contains some affiliate links. I find it easier to obtain satisfactory results and for this reason, I chose an electric oven when making my purchase. The stone is stationary (on most models). Yes, that’s how much we’re obsessed with this gadget! Most importantly, it can heat up to 900°F! Most of us are not used to cooking with such high heat, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be turning out traditional Neapolitan style pizza in no time! Every pizza maker’s worst nightmare is to have a beautiful pizza ready to go in the oven, and as you try to slide it into the oven, the pizza gets stuck to the peel! Here’s one of the greatest tricks no one has ever told you about! This post is more about the details of using the pizza oven. Crank it up to high again, let the stone get nice and hot, and then cook your next one. Cooking in general is an ever changing concept. If the pizza looks undercooked, move it closer to the flames or increase the heat slightly. Slide the pizza onto the stone. Position the baking pan over the lower heating element at an angle so the back inside rim of the pan rests against the top of the “L” shaped posts. It is key to assemble your pizza quickly. If you feel like it is undercooked but the top of the pizza looks great, that means your pizza stone was not hot enough. To use a pizza stone for baking pizza, follow these steps: Place your pizza stone in a cold oven. once the timer is set, the heating elements will turn on and the food will begin to cook. Moreover, its diffusion is increasing a lot thanks to the fact that it can be easily controlled electronically, unlike gas ovens, and also to the possibility of having thousands of different functions. Pro Tip: A large sturdy pizza peel makes life so much easier! Avoid using a rolling pin, as this will result in a greater destruction of the air pockets your dough has developed while fermenting. Once you have reached the desired size, quickly lay the dough on top of your floured pizza peel (preferably close to the edge to make it easier to slide off). If you have a long handled bbq metal flipper, you can rotate the pizza wholly inside the oven by slightly lifting and rotating. It can be done, but you may not want to start with something like this. As the fire increases add more hardwood. Pro Tip: Depending on the wind conditions, it is important to angle your oven in a way that prevents any strong gusts from entering the oven. If you let your dough sit for too long while you slice a tomato, you run the risk of the dough hydrating the floured surface and becoming sticky. There is always the temperature control knob. Assemble your pizza, keeping in mind that you want to do this quickly and efficiently. Before stretching your dough, be sure to have your sauce, cheese, and toppings ready to go. We prefer using a. Be careful not to get sauce on the peel as the moisture will make the dough... 3. You should see the dough rise and possibly slide on the peel – it can even appear to float at times! It should be cooked thoroughly and ideally crispy. I make no secret that I have a certain preference for the electric oven. Don’t fret! Know that we only recommend products of the highest quality! This only greatly reduces the risk of burnt points that are due to concentrated heat, as happens quite easily with the gas oven with the most flame points. This will help lift the dough off the peel and avoid sticking. This particular feature, which makes the Ooni so special, can also be quite intimidating. That just means you get to make it again! Get a full size peel between 12-14” in width. Step Three: Put Your Pizza … Pro Tip: Right before you slide your pizza into the oven, lift the edge of the dough closest to you and blow air under it. It is almost always better for the electric oven that the cooking is done without heating elements, especially in the initial phase. Add your sauce, cheese and toppings. Do not preheat the rotating oven. B). That being said, we know we are not alone in our love for the Ooni Pizza Oven and wanted to share our tips on how we achieve a near perfect homemade pizza every time! That’s a great sign, it means you can slide the pizza into the oven with no trouble. For pizza baking, we are only interested in the classic top and bottom heating, ventilation and grill functions. In between pizzas, return the heat to high to allow the stone to maintain a proper temperature. The pizza is turned using a peel and tongs. You sliding the pizza slightly out of the oven and using tongs to rotate it. Open the gas valve and turn on your oven to the highest temperature setting. Page 4: Pizza Cooking Chart Once in the oven, we can lower the temperature by about 10–20 degrees in order to turn off the heating elements. The electric oven allows you to properly manage the cooking of pizza: an important advantage is the greater uniformity of cooking due to the presence of the heating elements both in the upper and lower part and the fact that the heat is distributed more. Open the gas valve and turn on your oven to the highest temperature setting. Preheat to 500 F. Once the oven is preheated, so is the stone. We’ve been seeking out how to make the perfect homemade pizza for years and it was not until we found the Ooni Pizza oven that I think we were truly satisfied with our results. Step Two: Preheat Your Oven to 400 or 500 Degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause the temperature to decrease or extinguish your flame. When the cooking is almost complete, on the other hand, turning on some grill or spending a few minutes at the “ventilated” function helps the browning effect and the final one. Ooni has no idea we are even writing this post. We use the Ooni Koda, but feel these tips should apply to most Ooni models. Typically, pizzas will cook faster on the Pizzazz than in a conventional oven. Slide your pizza in the oven with one swift motion a few inches away from the flames. We bought this gadget with our own money and tried it for ourselves. Stretch the dough on the work top to the desired size. Your toppings start to fall off and you’ve got a mess on your hands. So remember to adapt and adjust as needed, and don’t beat yourself up if “it’s not as good as last time”. Another very important point in my opinion is the ability to retain more moisture inside the electric oven. If the dough is stuck to the peel, it will not rise, and you should attempt to flour the sticky portions of the dough and get it unstuck before sliding. Dust the peel with flour and semolina mix and lift the dough... 2. The pan must be pulled forward against the posts for the hub to align with the drive shaft. Now for the tricky bit. Continue turning the pizza every 10-15 seconds until your pizza is evenly cooked. We do not cook in a vacuum. How to set up the pizza oven Use the oven with static function (lit below, above and not ventilated), at the highest possible temperature and let it warm up well for 15–20 minutes. Step-by-Step: How to Use a Pizza Stone in the Oven. The electric oven is a very versatile appliance and is especially suitable for baking delicious pizza. This is how the adjustment works: Use the oven with static function (lit below, above and not ventilated), at the highest possible temperature and let it warm up well for 15–20 minutes. The easiest method is to prepare the fire on a pizza paddle, then light it and place it in the center of the oven. Step One: Put the Stone in Your Cold Oven. By clicking on these links, we may receive a small profit in return to help us provide you with more delicious recipes. They usually have many different functions: The grill, ventilated heating, heating above, heating below and heating above and below at the same time etc. It can be very tricky due to the possibility of the oil catching on fire and scorching your pizza. Right before you put your pizza in the oven, lower the temperature to the lowest setting.

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