Close All Air Outlet Valves. Connecting the air tool with a compressor is actually pretty easy. You will need to fix both air leak and oil leak. But it is better to actually use air compressor oil or engine oil in the machine. Because most of them are actually designed for easy portability. If you’re looking for some high pressure air compressors, check out our article on best air compressor for impact wrench. It also reduces the cost of performing different tasks by providing ease of use and consuming less energy. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. Follow the instruction of your air tool to set it up and connect it with the machine. You can make great use of your portable air compressor by utilizing it to inflate mattresses, balloons, balls etc. Here is how you are going to inflate the tires with the air compressor. Now, the question is how to use a portable air compressor most effectively. Another reason for closing the outlet valves is maintaining the optimum air pressure inside the machine. A portable air compressor surely looks different than any normal air compressor in the market. I am the owner of this website “power tool wiki” that will inform you about all the latest power tool machines like an air compressor, it’s related accessories and use and maintenance information. Here we have marked out some important maintenance tricks and tips to give your air compressor a long life—, So using a portable or even a normal air compressor is as simple as that. That is why it may need to have a rather complicated mechanism to keep it all smooth. That is adjusting the setting and releasing a stream of pressured air as per your tool needs. You must set your compressor on flat ground. Pull it out and check to see that the oil level reaches about ⅔ of the way up the stick. Not just because of a technician I know about this machine, I have been researching this machine for the last few years. Ensuring the right pressure level is very important. Using the attached ring, you can easily pull it. You have to make sure not to damage the machine with any misconduct. And if your compressor is powered by gas/ diesel, make sure to put in the fuel. (Must Need To Know), Top 5 Best Air Compressor Under 500 Reviewed In 2020, How Often to Drain Air Compressor Tank in 2020, Best Air Compressor For Painting Cars 2020 (Out 5 Picks), Are Air Compressors Dangerous (5 Types of Danger) In 2020. Old compressors, as well as large ones, tend to be oil-filled. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. You can do that by finding out the dipstick of the compressor. At this step, you have to hold the hose with any of your hands and the power tool with the other hand. To get an idea about the air volume & air pressure setting, simply check the user manual of your compressor. This air compressor comes in handy for everyday tasks like filling a tire or spray painting. Locate the dipstick near the bottom of one of the compressor’s ends. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, How to Use a Portable Air Compressor (Step by Step Guide), 5 Best Air Compressor For Painting 2020 [In-depth Reviews], How to Use an Air Compressor To Fill a Tire – Step by Step. You really need to make sure to reach the maximum pressure before working with the air tools. You will pretty much get an idea of how to operate air tools from its instruction manual. Most of them start only by turning on the power switch. Then you will have to advance towards the next step. So checking the lubricant level is actually a standard procedure before starting the machine. The best way to use an air compressor is using it outside. To ensure that the air stays intact during compression, it is important … If you still do not own an air compressor, what are you waiting for? Before you plug this, you need to ensure that the power switch of the compressor is switched off. You can use motor oil instead of compressor oil in your machine. Your air compressor tank tends to develop rust in it naturally. Because low level lubricant eventually damages the machine. You will be able to release it easily by tugging it towards you. Make sure you have enough hose to safely reach your work area. The next step is checking the air compressor. Then pour compressor oil into the fill port with the help of a funnel. The first thing that pops up in our head about a portable air compressor is whether the mechanism of this tool is too complicated. To make sure everything is perfect, you have to match the PSI of your tools by adjusting the pressure regulator knob. Keeping the air pressure is high for certain air compressor tasks like nailing guns or inflating a tire. No. It will ensure more efficiency and avoid making a mess at the location. Is it Important? Scrutinize the machine for possible dents and fractures to avoid making things worse. For this, you have do nothing but connect the air inlet of the tool with the compressor hose of your machine. Most of the time, you fall into the incident of a flat tire at a very unexpected and inconvenient time. You really need to avoid overheating the machine. It’s important to wear and use all the safety gear while operating an air compressor. We will post an article on that in the future. A low level of lubricant actually damages your machine. Although it would be better to take professional repair service to fix your tank leak. Depending on the model of your air compressor, you may need to wrap the threaded end of the hose with PTFE tape (also... Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the hose in place. After using an air compressor, it’s good to drain the air from your compressor. After that, you can continue your works until your purpose is served. Until then, happy working! Keeping the air pressure is high for certain air compressor tasks like nailing guns or inflating a tire. Starting from the installation of the air compressor to operate it properly, you’ll have to know every nuts and bolts of a portable air compressor. If you’re looking for some high pressure air compressors, check out our article on. Apart from the correct tools and products, it is also necessary to be a... To get the potential energy, an air compressor converts the power with the help of an electric motor, diesel, or engine run by gasoline.... You're driving while you're off-roading alongside the country watching a beautiful day around. Always place your gar air compressor outside. You can also buy pre assembled machine to avoid all the hassle of assembling the compressor. So that’s all for our in depth tutorial for how to use a portable air compressor. Attach an air hose to the compressor by ensuring the length is enough to reach the work area. Fix a proper place to keep the air compressor. Because this occurrence effectively lowers down the efficiency. If you can not set up the air compressor on your own, that is totally fine. Change the oil or lubricant frequently if you are not using an oil free machine. Although, you may need to keep certain things in mind while using the portable air compressor. If present, find the outlets from where the oil is leaking and fix them. You have to find out the copper-colored plug that you will get near the hose line. Before starting the machine, you need to know how is your machine powered. As most of the portable compressor runs on fuel, you do not need to worry about that. You will find this step in every air compressor model, and it is kind of the most important step to do your work. Setting up your power tool is another important step. Buy the most suitable product according to our suggestion and stay tension free!

how to use a portable air compressor

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