Flemming says using terms like "you always" or never " will never solve an argument, so it's important to take a step back once things have cooled off … If their fighting words annoy you the next day, give yourself some breathing room instead of approaching them again so soon. “Don’t try to crack their shell — you won’t succeed,” she says. “They really don’t care if you agree with them or not — you can reject them, but they won’t care,” she says. Don't just roll over and refuse them without an explanation. “A Gemini can out-maneuver and sidestep an issue better than any other sign,” Joyce says. “Remember, a big part of ending a fight is to get the other person to listen.”, You know those people who are great at taking care of others, even better than taking care of themselves? “But if you understand where your partner is coming from, if you’re clear on what you want, and you proceed with strength and respect, you’ll get things resolved.” Plus, now that you have the inside scoop on the sign you’re dealing with, hopefully it’ll make conflict-resolution even easier from here on out. “As soon as you think they understand your point of view, they change their position. "Many men want to have sex to feel close." Often, the argument could be resolved quickly if they just told you the truth.” In resolving a conflict with them, Joyce says it’s best if you take charge. “They don’t have staying power, but if you do, you’ll resolve the issue.”, Jaye also emphasizes that you need to show your Aries that you admire their point of view. If you need some space after a fight, that's completely fine, as long as you tell them. All rights reserved. “To resolve the fight, you need to let them talk first, listen to their argument, and validate what you can. “If you can make them laugh at themselves, then you’ve won.”. When it comes to arguing with them, “be extra patient and make sure you give them the time to let every single detail come out about the fight so you can truly heal it (or suffer the infamous Scorpio revenge later on),” she says. She suggests to simply state what went wrong and what you want to change, then let it go. Aries signs resolve fights in their own way. “They’ll argue forever, changing their position, seeing your side, then their own — but you won’t get anywhere,” Joyce says. “Don’t look for hidden meanings — just take them at their word and try to move past it quickly, because that’s what they prefer,” she says. Virtual Babysitting Is Winning Over Parents, Why You Have Vivid Dreams During Quarantine, The Best Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your Home. Jaye suggests another tactic, too — staying as present and as affectionate as you can while you work out your conflict. Don’t drag it out. Puhn uses this example: Say your spouse forgot to bring cash to a cash-only event. Remember, this is an air sign, so they don’t do well with emotions.”, While Aquarians aren’t known for dealing well with emotions, Pisces *are* all about emotions. Then, share what made you upset.” As you can see, with Leos, it’s all about the approach. But if you’re partner is an Aquarius, you’re in luck — they’re the former. You know the saying, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"? “If you’re arguing, there is either a misconception or you just have different points of view,” Joyce says. If your anger can be charted on a scale, try to pause and... 3. If you find yourself walking away, apologize, return and hear them out. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Try to calm down. "Understand that it's not personal," says Dr. Flemming. “If you don’t attack them, you can resolve this easily,” Joyce says. You're two separate people, and you're going to have different opinions sometimes. Joyce also thinks that the challenge with resolving fights with a Pisces is about keeping them focused on what you want them to see. “They respond to certainty — someone who acts as though they know what they’re doing.”. After a heated argument with your partner, try to keep an open mind. "Non-verbal communication is as loud as yelling," says Dr. Golland. If you know what you’re talking about, they will listen and the argument will be resolved.”. Leave me alone. As Jaye suggests, using astrology — and not just to read horoscopes — can be beneficial when it comes to making up with your significant other. Whatever your partner says during a fight should stay there. It's not that they don't disagree on things. That says, "I'm sick of this. “Pisces is an emotional communicator, so a million and one words may not be necessary when you’re trying to make up,” Jaye says. Joyce also says it’s almost impossible to win an argument with a Scorpio when they really believe in something. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes or go silent so you can try to get your anger under... 2. It's completely normal — and healthy — for couples to argue. Jaye agrees about allowing Libras to speak their piece. Though Capricorns appear tough, they’re soft inside, Joyce says. Like it or not, conflict is part of every type of relationship — with friends, loved ones, and people in between. Although Scorpios can appear tough, they’re pretty vulnerable, Jaye says. But what you might not realize is that how you act after a fight can be as important to your relationship as what you say in the heat of the moment. It shows that you haven’t let something go and that you are still hanging it over their head to use as ammunition for your next argument. "In a fight, when one partner is overwhelmed, they may not be able to process their thoughts," Dr. Megan Flemming, clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, tells Woman's Dat. If you're finding it really difficult to stop arguing, then we can help: Relationship Counselling gives you a chance to talk over any difficult issues in a safe and confidential environment. If you show weakness, you’ll never be heard.”. “They need mental stimulation to figure out why you fought in the first place (so it doesn’t have to be rehashed again). The problem is, they want to be perfect in your eyes and so they’ll defend their mistakes to the end.” She advises that you need to get them off their point, and attacking or accusing them is what not to do. "What you want to say is, 'I'm sorry for…' and explain what you're talking about. “Tease them with the facts, and appreciate their cleverness and humor,” she says. “They don’t want to be wrong, but don’t let them attack you,” she says. “If you’ve gotten into a tiff with your Virgo, do something extra thoughtful for them, something that is a bit of a stretch for you,” Jaye says. So feel good that you both still care enough to get to the bottom of your issues. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 9 Common Reasons Long-Term Couples Break Up, 10 Signs Your Marriage Will Last a Lifetime, Candace Cameron Bure and Valeri Bure's Love Story, 17 Things That Are More Harmful Than Cheating, 18 Interesting Facts About Kissing You Didn't Know, The 3 Keys to a Happy, Successful Second Marriage, 12 Long-Distance Date Ideas For Social Distancing. After all, the more ways to solve conflicts, the better. Everyone wants a partner who's invested — and fighting can be a sign that you're both still working at the relationship (a positive thing!). If not, we can discuss more.". I'm so sorry I hurt you, and I promise I will not be so … You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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